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sometimes when you’re having a little anxiety, you just have to share it with the internet

Silvia Plath - Again I feel the gulf between my desire & ambition and my naked abilities

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Guys, you are going to save me a lot of money on therapy. That’s good, therapy isn’t in the budget this quarter. If you’re ready, let’s talk it out!

So I’m right off the big high of our “BIG NEWS” for the summer. We’re off to Europe in two weeks! (“big news” with jazz hands please). And by the by, it looks like we might be adding a little trip to Vienna, Austria, into the mix! I’ve never been and I’m dying to go. My cousin lives in beautiful Vienna now and is buying a pull-out mattress next week so that’s reason enough for us! :)

I’m getting side-tracked. So yeah…I’m really excited for the summer. [Actually, I'm a weirdo who doesn't get too excited about big things until I'm IN THE MOMENT...but still, in my way, I'm excited that I'm going to be  excited shortly.] Told ya — weirdo. The problem is that on the other side of making fun, rather “spur of the moment” decisions there is a lot of scrambling.

I’m feeling a lot of pressure to get organized and plan. I want to continue to blog and help this little space grow over the summer and that has started to get me a little panicky and anxious. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but this blog isn’t just a hobby of mine; I want it to be a “real thing.” (ha, Great business plan, I know. GOAL: real thing). I feel confident that what I am working on and working through in this blog will lead me to whatever is next. At least I feel confident some of the time.

Henna portrait. Venice, Italy

We’ve set it up so that Mateo has more babysitting in these last couple weeks before we leave so that I can prepare and get organized. Problem is, my focus is all over the place and that has me feeling really guilty for the babysitting. The guilt isn’t about Mateo being away from me—he’s having a blast (he’s with one of his best buds)—but that we’re spending money for babysitting. We have it budgeted so I need to calm down, but the guilt just won’t let up. And guilt is not helping me on the productivity front.

Why is it that we monetize everything? I wish I could be above that. I wish we could just pursue happiness (and such) freely through working hard to reach our potentials. Big picture, that’s what’s important right? Of course it’s a balance, but one that we skew to the financial side most of the time. For some reason that just makes sense to us. (at least us U.S. Americans).

If I was getting a ton done, or making a ton of money doing it, that might help me breathe a little easier, but I feel like I’m working so slowly without much progress. Reality is, it takes time. I’ve been trying to write, trying to organize photos, (and shh, occasionally sneaking some internet maxi-dress window shopping – please send your recs.! ). But mainly working on editing the past couple days and the photos I’ve been working on just keep looking worse. I might just scrap them. I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s all just experimentation. I’ve learned enough to know that my editing is “off” but I haven’t learned enough to know how to fix it. This is the hairy part. The part I need to push through, because it’s either give up or keep learning.

henna portrait venice

I believe that I am investing my time and energy in the right place for my future and I’m LUCKY that I have a husband who believes the same. Still, I can’t help but feel indulgent. It’s because I love what I’m working on and it’s because of the money thing. I think if I was back “in school” it would make more sense. Why yes, making some financial sacrifices to pursue something for the future. I get it! Good for you, Henna.

I want to contribute to my family and I don’t want to be a (completely) self indulgent mother or wife. Of course I DO contribute lots to my family and of course financials are only one piece of the equation. I could make a list but luckily I’m not that insecure yet. I can also say without doubt that I make my family happy. Mateo and Aki are kinda obsessed with me. ha.

You know what, I like where I am and what I’m doing. I just get a lil’ anxiety every now and again.

Thanks for listening friends. I wrote about fighting through it all  just last month, but looks like I needed another writing therapy session. ;) Shall we meet again in a month? Please pencil me in. I’m going to re-read this to see if I came to any conclusions. Whether I did or not, I’m already breathing a little bit lighter.

I think I’ll be able to get a lot more done this afternoon!

PS  I just laughed out loud at this post. Not for the words, but for the photos I chose. The photos have nothing to do with anything. I just happen to look really nice in them. And you know, when you feel crappy it’s nice to look  nice. Right? I guess I do look kinda determined, hopeful and forward facing. So we’ll go with that. ;)

PPS  I do NOT look ANYTHING like those photos today. Those were taken eight months ago in Venice, Italy. I look better in Venice. I will not be posting a photo, but my “look of the day” includes Aki’s shorts and a baggy T-shirt. Maybe I should change.

ciao ciao Chicago. (for a lil’ bit)

toddler in Europe - Venice, ItalyHOLY THE MOLY! Big news around here. Aki, Mateo, the blog and I are heading to Europe mid-May and hanging out until the end of July. Eeek, we leave in just a few weeks! The trip was planned, the length is unexpected. We’ve had my cousin’s wedding in Italy marked on the calendar for awhile. And of course, as Italy is across the Adriatic Sea, the plan was to hop over to see Mateo’s grandparents and cousins in Croatia. We were thinking three weeks would be brilliant if we could swing it. Over two months abroad is unexpected. Even for us.

As much as I have the track record of one way tickets and trying to fit into friends’ suitcases, the reality of having a house and family makes it a little bit more complicated. There are a lot more spontaneous playdates and a lot less spontaneous trips abroad these days. Sometimes we take spontaneous road trips to Indiana. Sometimes.

We’ve been looking at tickets for the last few months and they just haven’t been pretty. We’ve toyed around with all different ideas. Fly into Rome first? Fly into Croatia? Take a boat from Italy? Aki has been keeping an eye out, and last week he saw a big price drop for a longer stay. Here’s how it went down — Aki yelling from the office: “The tickets are back. What should I do?” me: “BUUUYYYYY THEMMMM.” And after a bit of stomach turning, the deed was done. Eeek.

I’m still digesting. We’re still figuring things out. Our house is taken care of, body guards are moving in. (phew). Aki worked out working remotely from Croatia (probably 3pm-midnight), and we’re figuring out short term apartment rentals as we speak.

It’s a little crazy as a young family to pack up and ship out for so long, but it’s also the perfect opportunity. Mateo is still one year old. Over two years, they count as real people and pay FULL PRICE plane tickets. That’ll hurt!

Traveling with a little one is a lot more manageable than you would think. We’ve taken a few long road trips and short flights with him in the U.S. and we were in Croatia and Italy last year for three weeks. Aki and I both agree that it was our favorite trip yet. (Minus our day in Venice). Mateo was not interested in Venice, he did not find it romantic at all. ha.

I love that Mateo will get to spend lots of time with grandparents and his great grandmother. And so fun — all of his little cousins will be together for the first time ever! They’ve all met each other multiple times but they’ve never ALL been in the same place at the same time. There are FIVE of them under FOUR years! There is going to be some serious cuteness going down.

SO THAT’S OUR NEWS! Of course we’ll still be sticking around Chicago for a few more weeks before we peace out. Hopefully my renewed passport arrives in time. I knew I shoulda sent in those forms earlier!

PS  Going away for the summer really does sound more exciting than it is. I think you know by now that I like to make everything more exciting  if I can. We won’t be on vacation the whole time since work will continue. It’ll be normal life, but in a very different place. A different place for a bit sounds good to me.

PPS  If you haven’t already, you can Subscribe to the blog if you don’t want to miss any of our summer updates!

let’s get dressed: for Spring-ish

Use what you have | Wear It Well

Style posts are fun. But let’s be real. Although I’m an avid internet stylist, I’m not quite as hot and on trend in real life. I hang out with a sticky toddler so nothing I wear is that precious. I pretty much mix/match & rotate the same few things. I could really use a wardrobe update, but at least I try to wear it well. I thought it might be fun to show you another outfit that recycles some of the same wardrobe staples as last style post.

Let’s begin with:

1. My new hair! (and yes, I’m proud that it looks a little crazy here. that was the goal). Check check!

2. I love dresses/tunics like this. I layer them over pants in the Winter, Fall and Spring and just throw on sandals in the summer. I got this one at Target last summer and have gotten lots of mileage out of it.

3. Like my purse? Another great thrifting find for under $5. It’s a great size (room to fit everything I need, plus a bit more. but not enough room to cram in random junk for no reason). And I like that I can throw it cross-body so I don’t leave it somewhere. (‘Cause I do stuff like that).

4. Yep, those are the same cheap-o olive pants from last post. I told you I wear them all the time! Olive “jeans” are just as versatile as blue jeans in my book. I really do need to find a quality pair though. These were cheap-o because they’re cheap-o.

5. I got these lace-up wedge boots from Piperlime. I love having a little bit of added height but I just don’t have the lifestyle to wear my heel collection everyday. I took awhile to be convinced about wedges. Honestly, a lot of them still look wonky to me, but I find neutral wedges to be so flattering. Plus I love that these are lace ups. Plus I love that they don’t hurt my feet. Plus I love that I don’t fall down in them. That’s a lot of plusses.

<3 layers |

Recognize that sweater? Yup, same one I wore in the last post. It’s been SUCH a slow turning of seasons this year. Although I was channeling SPRING with the bright salmony pink, it’s still pretty drab in Chicago. Hence the sweater grab!

pop of color with neutrals |

My wardrobe usually sticks to a pretty neutral palette. I love blacks, whites and neutrals along with a good print mixed in. This dress was a bit BRIGHT for me, but it’s nice to be surprising every once in awhile. ;) I like the idea of still working with my neutral basics and playing with a bright “pop of color.” You don’t usually think of pairing bright pink with brown and olive green, but it works! (if I do say so myself). The color combo also feels very Spring, doncha think?

thrift store purse

Can’t end without a close-up thrifting bag-BRAG. Accessories make an outfit and you just can’t beat a sturdy purse for under $5. I hope I’m storing some shopping karma somewhere. One day I’ll cash in for some gorgeous, ridiculously luxurious designer bag but for now I’m pretty happy with my thrifty finds. Actually, who am I kidding…any purse credit I’ve ever earned is immediately cashed in for travel points. Every time.

I just HAD to update. This day has really turned. If you’re in Chicago, LOOK UP! Wow, what a beautiful sky! I can’t stop smiling. There’s nothing drab about that. Hello Spring!

new hair + figuring it out


Ta-DAAAAA! That is a MUCH lighter head of hair. It’s been thinned out, layered and chopped up “real good.” (in a good way). As I revealed in my Liebster answers, a possibly surprising ‘Henna fact’ is that I haven’t had my hair cut (professionally) since I was 18 years old. That’s a decade +2 if you’re counting. I mean, I chop it willy nilly whenever I get the urge, but quite honestly there’s no rhyme to my reason. (I don’t know what I’m doing). Well friends, the streak has been BROKEN. Or has it? If you recall, this new length is the unplanned work of my friend Angela, who although a very talented interior designer, is not actually a hair-dresser. Nor is her living room a salon. She does have the confidence of a professional. That counts for something, right?

We laughed afterwards about which was better — that I said “sure” (without thinking twice) when she asked if I wanted her to cut my hair. Or that she took scissors straight across and watched half a foot of hair hit the floor (without thinking twice). Quite honestly, I think she’s the braver one. She actually checked in the next day to see if I had any regrets (and possibly make sure we were still friends). My answer was easy. I don’t have many regrets and my hair is most certainly not one of them. Hair grows. And anyway, I looove it.


Leave it to me. I can’t just REVEAL/show-off my new hair without it making me thiiiiink. I’m an odd mish-mash of dichotomies. I’m the girl who is spontaneous enough to buy a ticket to Japan (with the last $1,000 in my bank account) because I’ve been invited by someone I’ve had a few good lunch conversations with. And omg, tickets are on SALE. (opportunity, why think?!). The girl who buys ONE-way tickets to Europe. (you can always go home if things don’t work out!). Who will let her friend take off half of her hair on the fly. (it’s just hair!). But then I’m also the girl who will sit with a knot in my stomach for two whole months because I’m afraid to make a phone call, or afraid to show my work without 1,000 apologies for why it’s not “good enough.” The “think too much” goes along with “judge too much” and “worry too much.”


One of the qualities that attracted me most to my husband, Andrija (Aki), is that he’s the type that says, “I’ll figure it out when I’m there.” If he wants to learn something or do something, he just makes the decision to go for it. He’s not hung up on the fact that he doesn’t know how to navigate new waters or have the skills (yet) to succeed in a new area. He says, “I’ll figure it out.” And he does. There’s the analogy of “throwing your hat over the wall” just so you’ll have  to climb over to get it. I’m guessing that strategy produces more results than sitting and looking up at the wall all day. Confidence in yourself means you can worry less about HOW you’re going to get there and more about WHERE you want to go.

It makes sense that Angela was the one to cut my hair, and why she’s the crazy person who doesn’t worry that she doesn’t actually know how to layer hair. [Side note: if only there was a transcript of that whole process! — "Do you want layers?" ... "Maybe if I just twist it and then chop?" ... "You seriously have the hair of four people!" ... "Oh wow, it looks way better on this side. I'm going to fix the other side."]


For the same reason that I was attracted to Aki, I was intrigued by Angela. When we met, she was just about to launch a furniture/design shop online. I asked if she was excited and whether she was nervous. Her response stuck with me. She said something to the effect of, “I don’t really get nervous. I just focus on what I want to do.” She describes herself as somewhat of a delusional dreamer (hello, kindred spirit!). Funny thing about delusional dreamers — in the next two years I saw her written up in Remodelista, Rue, Chicago Magazine, and Ummmm, Elle Decor Italia (!) just to name a few. There’s something to be said for dreamers who just focus on what they want to DO.

I have wasted a lot of time in my life sitting in a puddle of nerves and not trusting myself to move forward or go out on a limb. It took me a long time just to start this little blog. Really. I even considered keeping it a secret. Part of my confidence has come from facing fear and another part is from the support around me. I’m thankful to have people in my life who see me for my full potential and who are believers and do-ers themselves.


These days I don’t have the same paralyzing fear to show my imperfect thoughts or my imperfect work. Or even to reveal that I don’t KNOW exactly what I’m doing (in any of my roles). Believe me, I could talk your ear off about what is wrong with every little thing that I do or make, but it’s not as important to me anymore. I want to learn and I want to move forward. Every day that I create, my confidence grows. And luckily, my taste is killer. ;)

It’s funny that this post began as simply a haircut reveal. I like where it ended up. That’s life isn’t it? We set out in one direction but find new inspiration along the way. And if I may be so bold, please don’t worry too much, or think TOO much. Trust that you’ll figure it out. And don’t forget to remind me when I forget. I’ve also heard it said that we are the five people we spend the most time talking to. It’s important to guard who we keep in our lives. Be around the people who see you for the best version of yourself. That’s my two cents you didn’t ask for. ;)

And MOST importantly, do you like my HAIR????

If you find inspiration in “imperfect beauty,” check out Mablle on facebook. Mablle is Angela’s beautiful, new, and exciting pet project set to launch Fall 2013. I like to be a part of a new beginning, join in. You can find me over there sometimes as well.


oh passport, my passport

Okay, bear with me. This is an ode to one of my oldest and dearest companions, my (now expired) passport. I’m a different person for owning this document. And that’s the truth.

It’s time to renew and it’s making me sentimental. This baby was issued in 2002 when I was 20 years old. True to character, it arrived two days before I was set to leave for Sweden for one month. Or maybe it was just two weeks that time? Point being, it arrived with much stress and last minute-ness. Reminds me a bit of right now. A decade later and I’m filling out the renewal forms at a pace which is stressing Aki out quite seriously. So I’m getting on it. For real.


Flipping through these pages brings back a flood of memories.

I remember my first Christmas in Sweden with all of the candles and cozy warmth. I remember getting “stranded” in Copenhagen for two days. I remember my first European road trip through Spain, France and Italy. I remember wanting to scream from pain because I just had  to wear heels all day in Milan. I remember thinking I was going to die in the mountains of Andorra, stranded without gas. I remember an over-night boat ride from Stockholm to Tallin, Estonia. I remember my first time riding a tour bus alone through Madrid and feeling truly alive with the energy of the city. I remember what torture it is to go hiking or sightseeing after dancing until 7 in the morning. (Oh Spanish nights). I remember quitting a traveling nanny job in Finland without any idea how I was going to retrieve my luggage still back in Madrid. (Long story). I remember the incredible food and charm of Portugal, and especially the late midnight dinners with a woman from Paraguay who only spoke Spanish and a 70 year old cook from Portugal who only spoke French and Portuguese. I remember how proud I was to make my first flight and train connections on my own. (If you know how directionally challenged I am, you’d be proud too). I remember falling in love with Barcelona. I remember how loud and big I felt in Tokyo and how fresh all of the food was. I remember the breath-taking fjords and crazily expensive beers on honeymoon in Norway. And I remember my first time in Croatia, meeting all of my husband’s family and friends.

remember the feeling |

some moments you just don’t want to risk forgetting.

I remember immense joy and also deep disappointment & fear of the unknown when plans didn’t go as hoped. I remember feeling that the world is so small, and also so wonderfully vast.

Although I have traveled far less than many, I’m pretty sure I’ve bought more ONE-way tickets than most. “Away” was my main pursuit and fixation in my younger 20s. I needed  to be “away” and “away” taught me so much, brought dear people into my life, and helped me to grow and overcome so much that kept me down.

It’s funny, but there’s something to this blogging journey that reminds me of traveling. That may sound odd, but for me one of the best parts about traveling is that I open all of my senses. I notice everything around me. There is no auto-pilot, I have to think through the simplest exchanges. I notice all of the people, the space I take up and how I am perceived. I am more open to trying new things and meeting new people. Everything is a little bit more thrilling and a little bit more uncomfortable. I find so many parallels. And I feel at home and alive in that space.


It’s going to feel funny to hand over a completely blank book next trip. I’ve gotten quite attached to my stamps and I’m proud that my old passport is ending its career entirely filled (except for the back of one page).

OH, and speaking of stamps — DUDES in passport control…I know you don’t care, but puh-lease can you try to ink up your stamps before I come. Ghost stamps are sad. And pretty please, just for me, find a nice blank spot to mark. Enough with the lazy stamping on stamps on stamps on stamps. For everyone in smaller countries, maybe crossing borders ain’t no thang…but the U.S. is huuuuge. Man, we can drive for four days straight and still be in the same country, ordering the same fast food, drinking the same coffee, and speaking the same ol’ language. Border crossing is kinda thrilling for us and we pay good money to go get that stamp. I mean, we go for more than that, but you know… Oh my, okay I feel much lighter.

what a beautiful mess | passport stamps

I’m hoping my next passport strays away from Europe a little more often. It’s hard because we want to visit family in Croatia (and now Austria), plus travel is trickier with a toddler in tow. Buuuut 30 year old Henna is itching to see more of South America and Asia. To begin with…

So dear old passport, thanks for everything. I’ll keep telling our stories. But now, it’s time to make some new memories! CAN’T WAIT!

oh & Woot Woot, it’s the WEEKEND!

NOTE TO SELF: send in passport forms.

new hair & i’m off to see the world


It’s not just Mateo who’s sporting a new ‘do (toddler mohawk post!) around here. My lovely locks are much lighter, about seven inches shorter to be exact-ish. And I’m loving it. My dream hair is messy, textured hair and I’ve been cursed with perfectly straight, shiny hair. I know, what a horrible lot in life. I understand  there are worse things, but we all wish for what we don’t have. My NEW hair is super and unevenly layered to messy “perfection.”

The longest layers are long enough to reach just past my shoulders so maybe it’s not technically a short cut. I can still sport the “pony.” My “hair stylist” (AKA friend with scissors) kept saying that I have the-hair-of-four-people. So I guess I’m down to the hair of 1 & 1/2 people. A more reasonable amount.

You want to see more? Oh, don’t you worry. Of course I had a little hair photo shoot this weekend. Of course. I’ll sort through those photos and post them here soon-ish.

I’m also off to take my passport photo. (As soon as it stops raining). That means we can “officially document” this choppy ‘do for the next decade. I’m a little sentimental about getting a new passport. My old one just expired so I’ll be traveling with an empty book this summer. Old passport, you’ve served me well. So many memories, so many good times. New era, new era. :)

I wanna say THANK YOU for your response to Monday’s post. Your comments on the blog, on facebook, to my email, and even the phone really touched me. xo

mondays make me think of stars

Not every week, but sometimes  I can’t wait for Monday morning. Oh I know, that just doesn’t sound right. It’s just that I link Mondays to a new beginning and a new “chance.” There were times in my life where I was so desperate for a new chance and a new beginning, I’d grasp at anything. Monday was enough of something  to hold on to.

This weekend we had a free Sunday so we decided to drive the 2.5ish hours (from Chicago) to visit my parents. Mateo missed Noni and Papa! My brother, Christian came along with us. We’re 18 months apart in age so we grew up together in our own little world (although part of a family of four children). As conversation in cars go, we started talking about “the old days” and at some point that lead to my brother saying, “I’m so glad you’re still here.” I think it would be quite a surprise to people who know me now, that I didn’t always want to be “here.” I was desperately unhappy for a long, long time and quite unsuccessful at living. Everything about living was so, so heavy.

a certain darkness is needed to see the stars -Osho

My absolute saving grace is that I am a dreamer. Even in my darkest moments, I fought for, sought out, and held onto any shred of hope. I’ve been told numerous times that I have a child-like joy. It’s probably true. I am easily inspired, I get excited enough to laugh and jump around at random nonsense, and I have a wild imagination for my life. I believe whole-heartedly in other people’s dreams and I can get excited if you’re excited, even if I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not because I’m silly, it’s because I have been unhappy and the feeling of hope is something that I don’t take for granted.

Today, I woke up exhausted and overwhelmed. But it’s Monday, and I didn’t want to waste the “opportunity” of a new week. For some reason, I thought of these words. I believe it’s from Osho, an Indian guru who taught in the 1960s. I’m not at all familiar with him or his teachings, but I looked up the quote. “A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.” It’s a comforting truth.

                           . . .

On Sunday, we went on a long walk. It’s nice to get out of the city every now and again. We were away for less than 24 hours, but wow, what a complete reset. It was really lovely to see a few signs of Spring. About time, Midwest! It’s funny how excited we get to see those first few buds blossoming. It reminded me of my thoughts on hope, and how much we appreciate the warmth, comfort, and new life of Spring after a long, dark winter.


When we arrived in Indiana, after everyone was already inside, Aki stopped me by the car. He wanted me to know that he’s happy. He isn’t an emotional man. He moves forward and never backward. He doesn’t hold onto negative thoughts or memories but he has them like everyone else. He grew up in the most beautiful place (Croatia, on the sea), but he also grew up in a country at war (former Yugoslavia). He doesn’t like to talk about it because he moves forward and not backward, but he wanted to let me know that he’s happy, and he appreciates all that he has in our marriage because he has seen terrible things and he knows what’s important. Mateo and me.

I don’t know whether darkness is really necessary to see “the stars” (in the more figurative sense), but it definitely does make them seem so much brighter. They are just that much more beautiful.

                           . . .

This is what I’m listening to this. Join me:

all the cool toddlers are doing it

Alright kids, it’s baby mohawk time. Mateo’s got a new ‘do. Watch out world! You already know the backstory from my last post. ;) There’s really no reason to plan these things. Baby mohawk = always a good thing. That’s probably a fact.

before toddler mohawk

The real story is that last Saturday afternoon I decided to trim Mateo’s hair. Myself. At soooome point, I realized we weren’t headed in a good direction. It happens, sorry son. I sent a quick text to my friend, Angela, to see if she owned a hair trimmer. I crossed my fingers and two seconds later I got this text back: “Yes! Let’s give him a Mohawk!”

Why not?

Quite honestly, I can’t believe he was so late to the Mohawk game. IT’S ABOUT TIME. This kid was born ready for a haircut and just asking for styling. I’m pretty sure the first thing I said when he was handed to me in the hospital was, “He has a hairdo!”

born with rockstar hair


I really didn’t envision that Mateo would be such a willing participant. Seriously, look at that calm boy! (↓) We went for the same trick I used to take his 19 month photos. (Disney’s “Cars” OnDemand). I donno, sometimes TV just really is the answer. Direct quote: “Best $2.50 I ever spent.” —Angela Stone.

toddler mohawk - haircut

baby getting a toddler mohawk

The best part is that Mateo can sport his mohawk casually & incognito, OR really work the ‘hawk to its full potential with some styling. ;) Oh man, look at him in the “AFTER” styling below. Is he feeling it or what? I think I spy a little attitude!

before and after baby mohawk


I love how Angela looks at Mateo, so sweet! They’re buddies. “An-ja” was one of the first non-family names he learned. :) And looks like someone is proud of her work. ^^ I have a feeling she would have done this a long  time ago if she had the chance!


Those last two photos were thrown in just for those who have expressed sadness at Mateo’s disappearing rolls. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of chub left on this little bear. :)

Ooh, and aren’t his little vintage sweatshirt and jacket adorable? I got them for a crazy steal on a thrifting trip last week. I should do a post on that sometime. Come to think of it, that last excursion was with the lovely Angela & Mateo. Huh, we’re a fun group. ;)

And don’t worry, Mateo smiles. Just not when I have a camera out. ;) Or when he’s doing serious things…like watching “Cars.”



I don’t know about you guys, but this week just FLEW BY for me. A little too quickly!

baby mohawk in progress

I know, so MEAN. Still just a teaser! I have more photos coming this way if that little wild child will give me a chance to edit this afternoon. ;)


Mateo and I both entrusted our tresses to a very talented (interior) designer who owns a pair of scissors this past weekend. You’d trust an interior designer with your hair, right? My hair is about 7 inches shorter and Mateo has a mohawk. It wasn’t really planned, but that’s just how we roll. :)

She did an awesome job. Merci Angela! xo

sorry internet. crossing a line. no going back now.

Alright it’s official, I am joining the ranks of all of the baby mamas making (unsolicited) shares around baby bodily functions. ughh. Why would anyone do that? I’m aware, and apologizing. Hopefully that does something for you.

Just this once. I can’t help myself.

So, Mateo isn’t potty trained. But he is hilarious. This little anecdote is going to be filed away in the “kids say the darndest things” folder.

Mateo toddler

sorry Mateo, sorry internet. there’s no turning back now.

                             . . .

ME: Mateo, are you pooping?

MATEO: yeah.

ME: ughh, why don’t you go on the potty?!

MATEO: poppy?

(I dump the “you know” from his diaper into the toilet. He flushes the toilet and looks inside the bowl).


                             . . .

Amazing. Where did that come from? Ciao ciao poo poo?! I’m pretty sure I love that child just a *little* bit more. Way to class up the situation, kiddo. ;)

Mateo usually saves “ciao ciao” for his Croatian grandparents on Skype. (“chow chow”= good-bye. Yeah, you know that already). Andrija speaks to Mateo in Croatian. Most of Aki’s family, including parents and sister are there. Now honestly, I don’t know whether “ciao ciao” is common in typical Serbo-Croatian but Aki’s region of Croatia (Dalmatia) is on the coast across from Italy and you know how language is…it absorbs and mixes with whatever it comes into contact with. Oh Languages. <3

I think Mateo has noticed how much I love the “Ciao ciao.” The last couple days he’s been working it in around me. Saturday night I had Mateo with me at a friend’s house. Aki picked him up for his bedtime, and I stayed. Before they drove off, Mateo from his carseat said “Mama, Ciao Ciao!” Such a smooth little man. haha. He knows what he’s doing.

For the same reason, Mateo used to howl like a wolf a lot around me. Best trick ever in my book. Oww, owww-ooohhhh! Literally, instead of yelling “mama” in the morning when he’d wake up, he’d stand in his crib and howl like a wolf. Yeah…awesome. Looking back, he probably got better results than yelling “MAMAAAA.” Mama loves her sleep.

TEASER — these are “BEFORE” photos. Before a haircut. Mateo has a toddler mohawk! hehe. “AFTER” photos coming in a post soon! ;)