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20 months: cozy, cozy, tatu, cozy, cozy

cozy cozy toddler

This has been my favorite month so far. 20 months has been an explosion of imagination, language, and cuddling. Awesome, Awesome, and Awesome. And we’re just in the middle of it!

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I’m not really a “baby person.” I don’t naturally reach for babies and my heart doesn’t melt when I see them. I mean, they’re just babies. Don’t worry, Mateo was an exception. Your own baby seems to be an exception to well, EVERYTHING. So yeah, don’t worry, he’s been loved and blah blah from day 1. The kid has always been adorable, but THIS — this toddler stuff…this is what I’m talking about! I know, I know…I’m sure I’ll be eating my words. Toddlers are “terrible.” Terrible Twos, Terrible Threes I’ve heard. Just let me have my moment.

We’re going to try to keep up the monthly Teo review. I got started last month with his 19 month post and it really made me wish I’d done this all along.

HERE’S WHAT’S UP @ 20 months (that’s a year & 1/2 + 2 months in normal time):

You have real friends. Aravis and Everett think you’re hilarious (you’re definitely the clown in the group). You jump up and down when you see them pull up to the house. You’re definitely crazy town with them, but you’ll listen to anything Aravis has to say. You adore that girl.

toddler friends: friends are awesome

Your bud Lawrence and you are like brothers. You get each other into laughing fits but also like to push each other’s button (oh boys). You’re both “drama kings.” Always yelling “Oooohh NOOOOOO!” Lawrence asks where you are when he gets to his Nature Class every week. As soon as you’re old enough we’ll get you enrolled. I love that you guys do so many things together. He call you “Tio” and you call him “Warnss.”

We’ve known since you were tiiiiiny that you’d be a little talker. It’s just your personality. I don’t think there’s much a parent does to affect when a baby’s milestones get ticked. A lot of it seems to be about personality. Some kids just need to “EXPRESS themselves” (maybe ones whose mothers’ blog? ha). This month has been an EXPLOSION of words. Crazy boy, you say over 100 words and have started to use two and sometimes three word sentences. You still need an interpreter though. ;) I got your back.

You’ve started to say “knock, knock” or “knock, knock door” before opening a door. Not actually knocking, just saying “knock, knock.” :)

OH MAN, this month has been all about COZY, COZY. You love getting into bed and pulling all the covers up to your chin. We call it “cozy, cozy.” Cozy, cozy is better with others. You always invite us and “Monkey” too of course. “Mama, cozy, cozy?” (runs to room). “Tata, cozy, cozy?” (runs to room). “Auntie cozy, cozy?” (runs to room). We’ve managed to share “COZY, COZY” with Auntie, Angela, uncle Christian, Noni, Papa, Aravis and Catherine as well this month. You’re all invited, haha. It’s been a good month for “COZY, COZY.”

cozy toddler cuddlingcozy baby monkey

You’re reeeaaaallly into mopping. Tata sawed off the handle of a real mop so you could have your own. You’re obsessed. And you’ve named it “Tatu”?? Where do you come up with these things? (that’s Tatu below leaning against your lil’ fridge).


You’re also really, really into your play kitchen. I love your little imagination. You like to cook pasta, wash your dishes, have tea, and fry eggs. Your sound effects while doing the aforementioned are

play kitchen: toddler play

Still obsessed (correct word for sure) with trains, airplanes and trucks. Your mind is blown every block or so when we take a walk.

toddlers and trucks

The last few days you’ve been zooming around the house with your “wings” out making airplane sounds. Cuteness for sure. :)

You love to run. We’ve dubbed it the “chubby run.” :) Yep, still plenty of chubs on you at 20 months. ;)

The weather has been pretty erratic around here, but the few warm days we’ve had have been heaven for you. The boy who hates coats and loves water.


We’re off to Croatia soon and it’s the perfect timing. You’re starting to repeat what we say and I think you’re just going to absorb all of the Croatian language all around you over the next couple months. Your little (HUGE) personality is really coming out. I’m pretty sure you’re going to charm the pants off the country, ha.


hola May!

(Last night in bed)

Aki: blah, blah, blah, blah…and it’s already May 1st tomorrow.

me: WHAT??!! It’s May FIRST tomorrow? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Are you serious? I would have come up with a May 1st post. I love the first of the month.

Aki: you need to learn to use a calendar.

As many of these conversations go – touché Aki, touché.


The boys last year. May, 2012.

As a side note, ^^ those shorts Mateo was wearing last year were so cute I tried to keep stuffing his thighs into them until they were so tight he fell down when he walked. I realized that was probably a line and we retired them. Okay, that was kind of a sad story. They’re cute though, right? :/

                              . . .

SO YEAH, It’s MAY!!! Phew, so glad I caught the first. We’re going to celebrate it every month. We just are. You know this – I like a fresh new month. I hate when I realize the date too late and “mess” it up so early on. Just humor me…

MAY! I’m actually a little pumped. Like a lot. The weather outside is GORGEOUS. It’s been a long winter and the whole city is outside celebrating.

The rest of this week is pretty spectacular. It’s an EXAGGERATED version of my life, which is pretty funny. :) Tomorrow, Mateo and I have BIG plans. We’re off to see a SHOW. Sesame Street Live to be exact. Don’t be jealous! ;) Mateo has been yelling, “ELMO!” at the bus billboards for weeks, ha. We’re going with M’s little bud Lawrence and his mama. Mateo is a big fan, and Aki really wanted him to see this, which cracks me up. I cannot wait to see the boys’ reaction. Will they laugh? Will they dance? Will they cry? :)

Then Friday, eeek, I’m going to the THE WALK, a fancy schmancy fashion gala. Tickets start at $500 so it’s not my usual scene (no way!), but I know some sweeeeet people. I’m going with an awesome friend I haven’t seen in way too long. We are not paying $500, no sir. She knows I love fashion and I’m so thankful she thought of me. We’re going to have a blast! It just really cracks me up that I have a Sesame Street concert and a fashion gala in the same week! Kinda awesome, doncha think? haha, hilarious.

[edit: womp, womp. Looks like the fashiony do-da is OFF. I guess that's more like it, huh. Come on Elmo, you're going to have to anchor this week. ;) Maybe I'll put some make-up on this Friday anyway. Just 'cause. I can be fancy for no reason, right?]

Then this weekend my youngest brother, Seth, is coming into town from California (yay). All four of us siblings will be together! :) Did you know there were four of us? Two boys, two girls. I’m the oldest, but the shortest. They’re tall. I’m 5’7″-5’8″-ish (not short) but they all shot up way past me! We’re all going to go to my friend’s Spring Party party together on Saturday. The weather has changed and that’s a reason to party. Woot, woot!

THEN, skip ahead two weeks and we’re off to Croatia for the summer! Oh please, can my life have more months like May?? (cause seriously, most months around here include a highlight of Thai take-out or sushi). May is blowing this year out of the water! In my dreams we’d be able to spend two months as a family in a different country every year. I’d probably go to more fashion shows too. NOT something I can count on anytime soon, but just putting it OUT THERE! And leaving it out there.

Although I had my little bouts of anxiety here and there, April was a GOOD month. I wanted it to “count” and it did. Since starting this blog, I’ve paid a little bit more attention to my life and have had a little bit more appreciation for it as well.

April showers bring May flowers. Alright May, let’s do this!

it's gonna be glorious - May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013 – Chicago


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