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So this is awkies. HEY! Remember me?! Where have I beeeeeeen? I’ve been on Instagram learning how to HASHTAG my way through life. #importantstuffs #UGHoneofthose #justloveme

Really, this past year…GAH, has it been a year (?!!) has been a rush and a blur. We underwent a major home REMODEL, I got PREGNANT, delivered said BABY, and we became a family of four. So that’s our news. So many KEYWORDS in BOLD! ;)

It’s funny, remodels, baby bumps and itty squishy newborns are the stuffs blogs live for. And yet, radio silence on hennablossomdotcom. I know, I know! But let’s just be happy for each other and waltz past that. REALITY is that remodels, pregnancies, and bébés are exhausting and repel computer time. So that happened. And then I felt guilty about the blog. And a little confused about its direction. And a little defeated.

But I’m back, baby! Pardon me while I get back into the swing of things. You should know that I’m currently typing this post while slightly bouncing up and down with a baby strapped to me. And I’m writing it as an email draft because I’ve forgotten the password to get into my website. Of course if you ARE reading this, it means that I’ve figured out how to get back in. So that’s something.

hennablossom instagram collage

Right now, I’m just trying to get out this first post so we can get back to business. ;) And look we’ve done it. Just racking up the victories. ;) I’ve missed you guys and I’ve missed this space of open dialogue and all the “figuring out” we do together.

Hashtag oh HEY ;) Hashtag I know, I know. Hashtag I’ll Stop Now. Hashtag Sorry ‘Bout That.

P.S. who’s still HERE? Anyone? Helloooooooooo?