22 months: let’s do this!

Oh Mateo. Dear Mateo. You’re almost TWO years old. Yep, THIS week! What?!

That means we’re behind on these monthly posts. We better catch up! At the time, I remember thinking that there was so much  to share. Gah, it makes me wish I took notes. It’s amazing how quickly it all becomes a big blur!

Thank goodness for my trusty camera. NOW I remember why this post never got written. We were busy. Your 22nd month was your busiest travel month yet.toddler travel in EuropeYou were in three countries (Croatia, Austria, and Italy). Four countries if you count driving through Slovenia (both on the way to Austria & again on the way to Italy). You traveled by car, by speedboat, by ferry, by water taxi, by city metro, tram, and by bus.  Funny that I titled your 21 month post: “you little traveler.” OH MAN,  then I better say — 22 months: you seasoned traveler! So without further ado: a little peek into the life of Mateo. June 16-July 15!

toddler travels in Europe: 22 month memories & milestonesYou really are a great traveler. PHEW! So many more adventures ahead, Mister! Hopefully some that you’ll actually remember, ha. Even if you don’t remember it all, I will. I promise you had a ton of fun. That’s for sure.

Kiddo, you’re not even two yet. But soon! ;)

Feel free to look back! Mateo at: 21 month, 20 months, and 19 months.

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6 Thoughts on “22 months: let’s do this!

  1. JaeHi:

    How can any one person have such a full and romantic life in two short years! Amazing!

    • what’s fun is that at this age…it’s all an adventure. The backyard or international travel. I like that. :)

  2. These photos are gorgeous ,,, and they ALMOST capture how truly adorable your little boy is. What a gift these pictures are for him to treasure when he is older. May he have a life of travel and be surrounded by love. OK, my Hallmark moment is over. ;-)

    • I agree, I have yet to capture just QUITE how cute that chubby little man is, ha. I definitely love that he’ll be able to flip (scroll) through these pages when he’s older. :)

  3. We will be in Italy next week and are planning on driving to Croatia too! (Rovinj to be exact) Any recommendations? :)

  4. Kelvin:

    Again great pictures Henna. The shots of the landscape and the family look great. Mateo getting so big now. Hey did you ever think of making another photo of him in that big wooden chair. I think you posted it like when he just turned one. Ehh if not never mind. Hope you enjoyed Austria. The chocolate there is phenomenal and the mountain panorama utterly breathtaking. Your photos though utterly gorgeous. I swear you spend hours waiting for the best light or getting in the best position for a shot. I love that you like the real action shots and not just static posing ones. But you certainly have an eye for landscapes.

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