a simple & sweet toddler valentine

I would have posted this ahead of time if I WAS ahead of time, but ha, I thought Valentine’s Day was tomorrow until this morning. I really wanted Mateo to have a cute Valentine’s Day card this year though…so I loved the simple idea of cutting a heart out of an apple. BAM, adorable toddler Valentine.

Simple Toddler Valentine hennablossom

My boy Mateo just shy of 18 months. <3. the “apple” of my eye.

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17 Thoughts on “a simple & sweet toddler valentine

  1. Melissa Colovic:

    Adorable!!!…the apple idea & the kiddo!!…so proud of you for finally getting online…it’s about time you share your creativity with the world!

    • Thanks Melissa! It took me awhile, huh! I hope I see your blog up and running again when things settle. I love that you are always searching for inspiration and looking to create in all forms!

  2. Angela:

    BAM. Mom, right on time. ;)

    • BAM! I smile pretty much every communication with you. You’re that person. ha

  3. Gracia Livie:

    Just the most handsome little boy!

    • Incredible that our babies have grown into little boys and girls, huh! Hope to see you again soon and that beautiful, growing family of yours! So glad you stopped by the spankin’ new blog. :)

  4. pooja:

    adorable Henna. Your family is beautiful. Jane would have loved to see this all…

    • Oh Pooja, I really think about that all of the time, especially with Mateo. I miss her so much and would have loved to share the little guy with her. I’m glad that you are here. It’s nice to know you were a part of Jane and loved her as well. xo

      • pooja:

        always and forever.
        please contact me if you are ever in NY. xo.

  5. JaeHi:

    On Valentine’s day I had this photo on my TV screen all day.

    • aww, so sweet! Then it must have been a good day! :)

  6. So I’ve got to know…did he take a bite out of the heart? :-) Cute idea, handsome model, beautiful execution. 10′s all around! Brava!

    • Of COURSE he tried to take a bite. You know Mateo. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, it’s perfect. What a lovely valentine. Your family is adorable, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


    • My pleasure, I was really happy to find your beautiful photography! :)

  8. Oooh, this photo is too cute!
    This little apple heart is such a lovely and inspiring idea.
    Thank you for sharing.

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