a wordy first. or third.

henna blossom intro

Post numbero uno. An introduction.

Of course, here we are – - and it’s actually  my third blog entry. Naturally. Out of order, as usual.

When it comes to putting myself out there, I OVER think. Nothing is ever quite  ready to publish or to show anyone. If I waited until I was “ready” or had something real  to say, or the perfect photo to post, or ha, figured out the correct punctuation for this stream of consciousness, I’m pretty sure another five years would pass. The thing is, I really want some creative space online. It’s a challenge, and that’s what I’m after. I have so many ideas and I want to do so many things, but I need the PUSH. I’ve been meaning to blog since, OH MAN, a long, long time ago. I had a travel blog in 2005 when I first went on an extended trip to Sweden. heja Sverige! Probably shouldn’t call it a travel blog though considering I only made it to two entries. oh. Let’s try this again!

Publishing is good. I tend not to remember what I did yesterday, let alone when Mateo (the little boy) has a little milestone. Let’s document things!

                            . . .

I’m Henna. I’m 30. I’m most comfortable being anonymous in a big city, but I love the idea of adventure far away and I dream about it often. I’m a dreamer, always have been. I’m easily inspired and there are so many things I want to learn. I’m married to Aki (his nickname) who thinks of himself as a problem solver, and I agree. He’s very tenacious, strong and practical, all qualities I admittedly lack every now and again… (Although in a fight, I’ll always win). But sheesh, let’s not begin with a fight. We’re happy. No, not every second, but we’re happy where it counts.

Aki and I grew up in such different settings. He’s from the coast of Croatia. His hometown, Split is 2,000 years old, built around an old Roman palace, lined with palm trees and an hour speed boat away from islands. Sounds nice, right? It’s a lovely place to visit. We live in Chicago, my hometown, where yes, it gets very cold. It’s winter as I’m typing this. Funny though, I have always felt lucky being from Chicago because I can live anywhere (interesting, that is) and I won’t bat an eye at the weather. I also love that we get to wear a full wardrobe, from summer dresses and skimpy sandals to leather boots, scarves, hats and wool coats. Chicago closets are happy.

I’m mama to Mateo, a seriously handsome chubber. That’s a word in our house. He’s a year + 1/2 old and very, very loud. And funny. And cute. So loud. One of the biggest surprises about becoming a mother was that I didn’t change at all. I’m sure I have changed, but I feel exactly me. Maybe it would have been nice, or at least interesting if I magically matured, but there was no magic, and I’ll probably always be “growing up.” I do wear more prints now as a mother, (as in printed patterned clothing), but that’s not really the change people talk about, ha. But for real, as a sidenote: prints are very flattering during pregnancy and very stylish camouflage of the mess that comes with feeding a baby. Take note! Why am I talking about prints?

Okay, I just thought of something; a little change. Whenever an opportunity to make a wish presents, it’ll always be for Mateo first. That’s something. Look at this, online journaling in action!

Alright, so let’s declare things STARTED around here.

Until next time…

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25 Thoughts on “a wordy first. or third.

  1. Faith:

    Love it! You’re so incredibly talented & the world deserves peeks into your head every now & then. :)
    I think you have changed, in one profound & beautiful way since becoming a mother – you’re happier; you’re more in love. I can see it! And I like the prints tip. Will keep it in mind if I ever join the parenthood.

    • Henna:

      You are the sweetest! It’s nice to have people around to see changes that I can’t see. I think you’re right in that I have really realized what is important to me and what is worth pursuing and not and that has made me happier. xo

  2. Carley:

    Your voice is exactly the same on the screen!
    You’ll charm the pants off of em’. <3

    • Henna:

      you’re the best Carley. all Henna, all the time. haha. happy to have you along for the ride! also hope that you know that you have been part of this process of rekindling all of my creative drive.

      • Carley:

        oh c’mon that’s way too sweet :)

  3. Angela:

    You define lovable. Always open up, it’s like an emotional passport. You can go far and meet all sorts of people. Chubber should totally be a word and I too struggle with punctuating my stream of consciousness. :)

    I’m happy to know you and call you my friend.

    Love. Lots of it.

    • Henna:

      always be brave, right? You’re the brave version of me and I’m so glad that I found you. xo

  4. Richard:

    Sweden says hi!

    You look as amazing as always. I kind of miss crying with you in Spain.

    • Henna:

      Ohhhh Richard (and yes, of course I rolled the R)! I haven’t had a good beach cry with anyone since our Barcelona days! You just made me laugh out loud. ha! Jag saknar dig!

  5. Jennifer:

    Hello lovely mama. I love it. You have changed; you are even sweeter now than you were when we were high school freshmen. (Ok, well, we had one or two mean girl moments then :-). Love the blog, and love you.

    • Henna:

      It’s amazing to be reunited with someone who knew and loved me as a high school freshman. (and oh dear!). ha. You’ll always be one of my greatest friends. xo

  6. JaeHi:

    I knew from long time ago I wanted to see you start a blog. So happy you have launched it. Looking forward for so many more entries to come.

    • Henna:

      It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? Well, I like to make you happy so yes…lots more to come. :) And of course lots of Mateo photos as well.

  7. Love this blog! :-) Congrats!

    • Henna:

      That means a LOT to me coming from you! Really. thanks. xoxoxoxo

  8. elise:

    I think ppl look at you differently once you are a parent. You’ve discovered the big change all right. It is just what you said – now this little being is everything to you and almost all you think about. But u have to stay you because your and aki’s experiences will make mateo rich in life. I love that I am still me on the inside but you’ll see a tamer version on the outside since after all, little eyes are watching and copying.

    • Henna:

      You put it all so nicely! I like that. Your family is somewhat of a model for me! I love how creative and fun you all are and how much adventure that you have together as a family.

  9. tita:

    so…is Mateo…loud:)
    From an “old mama”, in retrospect, my time with my children have been, (and I’m sure will always continue to be)…sometimes impossibly…heartstopping, heartbreaking, heartweary, heartwarming…embrace every moment so that someday, in retrospect, you can say that you wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thanx for sending me your link and I look forward to watching you embrace your moments.

    • The boy is loud. :) It’s been so lovely to be reunited again. You’re such a loving mother. We’ll definitely have to make a trip out your way soon!

  10. Aunt Shirley:

    I’ve always been charmed by you, Henna. That charm grew to include Aki (where did you find such a great guy?!) & then Tao (ahhh…such a cutie…I think I’m biting my fingers like your mom used to do when you were SO cute she couldn’t stand it). Well, looky here, I get to enjoy all this charm without even having to travel to Chgo :D Thx so much for sharing. I love you & yours!

    • You have the best smile on earth, which is why I can feel it from here! Really about time for a visit in Toronto though. Miss you! xo

  11. Gifford Neill:

    I want to be a regular subscriber of yours if I can figure it out. I get everything your Mom writes, as well as John and Elise, but I don’t remember how I did it. Let us hope for the best. The aforementioned appear in a “gadget” on my iGoogle home page. Love from Grandpa

    • Hi grandpa! If you sign into your gmail and then press the “subscribe” link on my front page, it should automatically add to your google reader account once you verify. Good luck! :)

  12. lo:

    i do love the old homes here :) also this post!

  13. vee:

    so nice to have found your space, can so relate to the all-countries-influences, never-being-finished, overthinking, trying on all subjects like shoes-vivre. thank you

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