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I’m Henna. My middle name is Blossom.

I’m a dreamer and easily inspired. This is a place for thoughts on living & learning.

The munchkin is Mateo. ^^ He’s cute isn’t he? Blue eyes up there is the husband, Aki. (like “hockey” without the “H” or “maki roll” without the “m” or the “roll”. ;) He’s a good man.

I’m an American girl of Korean, German, and Irish descent (with pieces of my heart left in Sweden & Spain). Aki is from Croatia (of Croatian, Serbian and Greek descent). He came to the U.S. for university when he was 18 and thought he’d stay for a semester or two. That was over a decade ago. Plans change! :) We met in Chicago, married at City Hall, and honeymooned in Norway.

My loves are those two boys, design, photography, languages, traveling, daydreaming about traveling, soulful connections, and foreign gummy candy. mmmm.

We live in a lovely 100-year-old house in Chicago that is in a constant state of renovation. We plan on living in it forever, OR maybe packing everything up and moving to Croatia. Or Singapore. Ooh Argentina? We like having all of the possibilities on the table.

                                                                      .    .    .

If  you want to know more about us, you can start at the beginning with my introductory post or read my answers to the Liebster award where I shared some nice randomness. It took me a long time before I was ready to start this blog. I’m happy I did, and here’s why. Thank you for being a part of it. Really.

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