baby mohawk in progress

I know, so MEAN. Still just a teaser! I have more photos coming this way if that little wild child will give me a chance to edit this afternoon. ;)


Mateo and I both entrusted our tresses to a very talented (interior) designer who owns a pair of scissors this past weekend. You’d trust an interior designer with your hair, right? My hair is about 7 inches shorter and Mateo has a mohawk. It wasn’t really planned, but that’s just how we roll. :)

She did an awesome job. Merci Angela! xo

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8 Thoughts on “baby mohawk in progress

  1. Sinead:

    Ohhhh can’t wait to see the outcome if this… Have been having such a hard time working out what to do with Tadhg’s mop. Maybe I’ll have to copy:)

    • Oh man Tadhg would be AMAZING with a mohawk! :)

  2. Congratulations! I nominated your blog!


  3. look forward to seeing the ‘after’ of the little guy’s mo and your tresses too! :)


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  5. Ah! Can’t believe how well he let you cut his hair. My daughter needs a haircut but she is such a fidget I will probably have to wait until she’s sleeping! The pictures in the above posts are gorgeous-LOVE his hair do. Also love the fact that he had so much hair when he was born! My daughter had long hair too but my son was a baldie! :)

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