champagne, rosé, origami cranes

just-a-typical-tuesday-nightchampagne-and-roseORIGAMI-CRANE-PARTYsingle-gray-craneorigami-partycrane-paper-origami-cranepaper-crane-collagefolding-cranehands-origamipaper-and-champagneEight lovely ladies, a bottle of champagne, and two of rosé on a Tuesday night.

I don’t know if it’s a sign that I’m getting old — but getting invited to my friend/soulmate, Angela’s “Origami Paper Crane Party” was preeeetty exciting. Apparently paper folding is my kinda party. So yeah, if it is a sign — well, getting old is AWESOME. ;)

I tell Angela that she should have a blog because you can photograph her life moment to moment. Her response — I have a blog: HENNA BLOSSOM. Oh yeah… ha

Like I said in (this post), Angela is getting married: and let the festivities begin! Yup, the cranes are wedding related. Gonna be AMAZING (two week countdown!).

The crane is a symbol of “good luck, happiness, and peace.” It’s said that making 1,000 paper cranes will give eternal good luck or grant a wish. Angela only needed 150. And um, our night’s work only produced 44.

So yeah, I don’t know that we can ask the universe to grant any wishes just yet. But you know what, we’re good.

And it was funny — I mean, LOOK! What a beautiful night right? Let me tell you, we all needed it. As excited as I was to get together with this group of girls, and as excited as I was to learn how to make a paper crane, I was exhausted. E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D. I’d only slept two hours the night before, and you don’t even want to see my “TO DO” list.

I sprayed half a can of “dry shampoo” through my mane (ew), threw on a jersey dress (AKA could-be-pajamas), slapped on some blush (so I didn’t look dead) and went anyway. SO GREAT – I walked in and everyone else was in either jeans or a jersey dress…we’d ALL had “THAT DAY.” And when you have that day, what you need is a group of amazing women (and maybe some champagne, rosé, and paper cranes).

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10 Thoughts on “champagne, rosé, origami cranes

  1. Angela:

    I read this outloud to Mark and couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe it’s just me, but this blog post was an incredibly delightful read.

    In Japanese culture the crane ALSO signifies loyalty, commitment, integrity and a person of upmost character(because of the long neck). Aka, our lovely group of friends and family. Therefore, set at each seat will be a crane. 1000? Who needs luck with people like this in our lives?

    • Oooooh, well I happen to have an incredibly long neck. True story. Does that count for something? And you are so right…with the people in our lives I think we’re pretty set.

  2. Lovely! Your mom used to make me these, and a ton of other beautiful origami pieces to keep me entertained (and quiet!) when I was little. When we took Lizy on vacation with us, she made origami for Kyle. :-)

    • WHAT?! How did I not know that my mom knows how to make paper cranes! Oh man, I feel like I missed out! :)

  3. Some of the best evenings happen just like that: you don’t feel like it, you are not particularly ready, and then your friends are around and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

    • So true! Yes, exactly that. Sometimes the moments where we most want to hide, are the moments that we most need to be together. Oh, and a glass of bubbly can make almost any day better too. ;)

  4. Wow, this sounds like an awesome night. Beats a night out at a bar/club any day. Good luck to your friend on her wedding! If the cranes are anything to go by, it’ll be gorgeous!

    Maria xx

    • I’ll choose a quiet night with good food, drinks, and PEOPLE any night of the week. :)

  5. Jessica:

    beautiful cranes! I wish I had the patience to learn how to make those! I can make a fortune teller and thats it. haha

    visiting from Casey’s blog :)

    Blessings and have a great weekend!


    • A little confession — I still don’t know how to make a paper crane. After fumbling for awhile we ended up making a sort of paper crane assembly line. I did the first four folds and passed them on to the next girl, who passed them on to the next girl. ha.

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