CHEERS! to family!

Did you MISS me?

Pretty sure  you have your own busy life to mind to, but I’ve missed you (whether you noticed or not!). And I really have been feeling bad about being so quiet over here. I can do better. I’ve been taking notes in my head of all the little things I want to tell you!

We’re still in Split, Croatia. Although if you follow us on facebook you know we ducked out to Dubrovnik (what a beauty!) for the weekend. We’re coming up on two weeks away from home. Still two more months until we return to Chicago, but we’re noticing how fast the time is flying already.cousins-yellow-beachWe have a pretty regular daily routine now. Mornings together, then lunch at Aki’s parents (Mateo’s baka & dida), nap time for Mateo at our apartment and then Aki starts his work day. Mateo and I spend the afternoon with his cousins and aunt (they’re visiting from the gorgeous Istrian region of Croatia), then dinner and bed. Rinse, repeat. The truth is, day to day life isn’t any more exciting or interesting than being at home. Just a bit less space, a bit less babysitting, and a bit less clothing options. Jealous? :)

Still, whenever you are away from home, and in my case, away from your “comfort zone” it makes you notice new things. There are new thoughts, new reflections, new challenges, new tastes, new entertainment, new scenery (I never get sick of it!), new language, and sure, new annoyances.

Problem is, OH MAN, I’m so tired all the time. I should have so much to share but when Mateo is napping or sleeping, I find myself doing the same.

I need to get over it and make the time. At home I thrive on my creativity and getting things done, but I’ve been a bit lazy here. There really is something to talking out loud (or typing) that makes the daily nothings add up to something. Yes, daily-life is just daily-life no matter where you are but it’s still worth paying attention to. One thing that we have been enjoying is a bit more family.

Our little family of three is together so much more. Mateo doesn’t have a babysitter, Aki doesn’t have an office, so we are together. A lot. Luckily,we like that (most of the time). And really, one of the biggest reasons that we are here is to be with family. It’s been so great to see Mateo bonding with his cousins and aunt Žeki. He asks for Žeki and Baka (grandma) all the time and gives them biiiiig hugs (he gives the best hugs). :) Whenever I see that, I think “THIS is why we’re here.”

cousins-bondingMateo is really bonding with his cousin, Natan who is seven months his senior.

Yesterday I was watching them and thought, you know, two pre-verbal (or at least two not yet fully verbal) toddlers aren’t so different than any other two (open) people of different cultures (and languages) bonding. Yesterday I watched them with a HUGE smile on my face. It got me thinking. I guess some things are just universal and don’t require words. You know, like laughing, art, group sports (so I hear), and well, drinks!

Yesterday the boys drew pictures together with colored markers [ART], played “crazy ball” (essentially throwing balls, kicking balls, yelling, and running in circles like mad men) [SPORT & LAUGHING], and after all the intense activity both gulped down big glasses of water [DRINKS]. ;) As usual, Mateo takes it to the next level. After his first gulp, he put his glass out to his cousin, Natan and said “CHEERS.” They clinked glasses and laughed. How ridiculously cute is that?!! Moments like that I wish my eyes could take video. Yes, it was that moment where I was thinking, YEP, these toddlers know how it’s done. Who needs to share the same language? Some things are universal, No words required.

cousins-trucksApparently cars are a big deal as well…

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14 Thoughts on “CHEERS! to family!

  1. That’s so sweet that the little guys are so close in age and get on so well together! This lengthy duration of time they’re spending together is priceless and they’ll both look back so fondly on it.

    We recently had Henry’s four cousins come visit us from the UK and it was so cute to see them all interacting! They came in groups so we didn’t get to see them all together so I can’t wait until we take Henry over to England where they can all play in a big group!

    Sounds like you’re really enjoying your time out there!

    Maria xx

    • Aw, it’s going to be so fun to see all the kiddies together when you make your visit! Make sure to snap some photos! :)

      Same thing is going to happen here in a month! The missing two cousins are coming to visit! :) There are 5 of them under 4 and they’ve never all been in the same place at the same time. I think the grandparent’s hearts are going to spill over. :)

  2. Angela:

    Haha. Lovely words friend.

    Cheers Mateo. ;)

  3. What a fantastic memory you are creating for your boy…and yourselves. Enjoy!

    • Some days are exhausting but all it takes is a little fun moment at the beach or a Cheers between cousins and I just feel so lucky to be here and making these memories. :)

  4. This is beautiful. How lucky to have family across the world. And his little legs in that last photo–how can you stand it!

    • :) those chubby little legs are my favorite. I’ll be sad to see them go for sure!

  5. The boys look so happy together–super carefree and like they’re having a great time. What a precious thing to watch! :]

    • I love seeing them bonding. Oh of course they fight too, ha…but even that is great. It’s just great that they get to be TOGETHER. :)

  6. we did :)
    oh i just love watching little ones play, they really do have an understanding. so simple, so pure, we really can learn a thing or two from them!!
    Don’t give yourself a hard time on your schedule, sounds like your settling in nicely to their pace of life over there. just a teensy, weensy bit jealous!!

    • So true! One of the first Croatian phrases I learned (on my first visit) was “po malo” which is essentially, “take it easy, take it slow.” Maybe that’s what’s going on! :)

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  8. Aunt Yvonne:

    Henna, I truly love reading your blog, it always makes me smile! See you soon in Italy!!

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