Chicago bound! We’ll miss you Croatia! xo

munich-layoverTHOSE GUYS! ^^ I dashed to grab the camera when I saw these two, haha.

Five hours to kill in Munich, Germany — next plane we board will take us HOME!

Yep, it’s that time already. We’re homeward bound. One flight down, one more to go.

Truth be told, we’re all very ready to get back to “life as usual,” but it’s bittersweet. We’ll miss you Croatia!

Where did the time go?! 71 days living out of suitcases, stays in 3 countries, and 9 cities. Next stop: CHICAGO!

Somehow I’ll sort through all of our photos. Blogging on the road didn’t go quite as smoothly as I planned…OH, I have lots more to share — and we’ll get there. We will.

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8 Thoughts on “Chicago bound! We’ll miss you Croatia! xo

  1. Beverly Cook:

    Has it really been 2+ months already?! I’ve really enjoyed your photos! That was great that your parents, grandparents and Lizy got to share some of the time with you! (We know the family from Church in Goshen.) Blessings~Beverly Cook

    • It really was a unique opportunity and so special! :)

  2. Catherine:

    OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED YOU ARE COMING BACK!!! Aravis still talks about going over to Mateo’s house. And Everett is going to be so excited too! Maybe Mateo and Everett will bond over TRUCKS and CARS! :) I know it’s bittersweet for you, but it’s SWEET for me! :) Happy Travels!


    • SOOO looking forward to getting together with you guys! Let’s make those plans ASAP!

  3. Henna, I was just watching an old video of Kyle. I realized that Mateo’s wearing his PJs. It made me well up a bit. Maybe they are The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pajamas. ;-) I love it!

    • aww! YES! Actually Mateo took a few of Kyle’s outgrown clothes on the road. Between those two boys, that wardrobe is really seeing the world, huh. :)

  4. Jess:

    I absolutely adore this shot. :)

    • too cute, right? ha. So glad I caught it! Cracks me up every time. :)

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