cuz and cuz

cousins in summer croatiaTwo American boys hanging out in their fathers’ homeland. :) These two cousins (Tristan, 3 on the verge of turning 4) and Mateo (1 on the verge of turning two) are living it up in Croatia with their Croatian cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents this summer.

Tristan has always called Mateo “cuz” and just today, Mateo started calling Tristan “cuz” right back.

In any given moment, you’ll usually  find these two running, screaming, kicking something, pushing each other, looking for bugs, fighting over cars or LAUGHING…but I caught this ^^ still moment and I can’t help but smile. :) Love it.

Seriously though, how handsome are these two?! (About as handsome as they are trouble). ;)cuz-runningcuz-running-2

If you follow HENNA BLOSSOM on facebook, you’ve already seen those two in action. Remember this photo? :) And if you aren’t already part of our facebook page, GO ON. Join us of course.

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12 Thoughts on “cuz and cuz

  1. kate:

    happy summery boys! you all seem to be enjoying such a wonderful summer in croatia! may it ever continue. :D

    kate x

  2. Tom Neill:

    I see years of great times on the horizon for these boys. :)

    • totally :) I’m HOPING before we leave we can get all FIVE cousins in a photo together at the same time.

  3. Angela:

    Oh my god, they are going to be such studs! I’m calling dibs for my hypothetical daughter. Ha.

    • hypothetical daughters are the best. ;) yours sounds like she has great taste already, haha! :)

  4. Ah cute! Leila and her cousin are just three months apart and are SO close. It will be nice for her to have another girl to hang out with when Harry starts annoying her ha! You take such beautiful pictures-it helps to be photographing such gorgeous kids! Glad you’re having a good time-friends of mine love vacations in Croatia!

    • You’ll have to come to Croatia yourselves! :) That’s so awesome that Leila has a cousin so close in age. I have TWO girl cousins who are within six months of my age. Even though we didn’t live near oneanother….we really were always so close and I still love seeing them now that we’re all grown up! :)

  5. What handsome men, for realsies! Heartbreakers in the making right here.

    Looks like you’re all having a blast! And hurray for cousins!

    Maria xx

    • cousins really are the best! I’m so glad Mateo has so many near his age. :)

  6. CJ:

    Beautiful photos for one and you have a lovely blog. The boys are adorable, that’s what they are supposed to be doing – hanging outside! They will have such memories.

    • Thank you, CJ. :) Oooh, I really do hope some of these memories stick!

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