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Sorry we’ve been MIA for a few days. We slipped away from chilly Chicago to visit Oh SO sunny Florida. Nothing like a little natural vitamin D + family to reset and relax. We’re here with Mateo’s adorable little cousins. Oh man, if you think he’s cute…


Silly us, we woke up 1.5 hours before we needed to leave for our flight. That would have been no problem if we’d had enough forethought to, ya know…PACK. Any-thing. Luckily we made it out of the house and onto our plane on time. Whew! We did lose one of Mateo’s little shoes SOMEWHERE along the way (boo), but we’re still calling it a success.

If I look a little bit tired on the plane, it’s ’cause I was. Traveling with a toddler isn’t the most relaxing experience, but no big stories to relay this trip. Mateo flew like a champ. We weren’t too worried. These little 2.5 hour flights are no biggie. Good practice for our big trips this summer. (Italy and Croatia, whohoo).

Mateo’s outside enjoying his nap al fresco. When he wakes up, we’re off to the beach!




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10 Thoughts on “en vacances

  1. Ada:

    I stopped by and I AM GLAD I DID :)
    You are simply terrific H.Blossom.

    • you just made me SMILE. :) So glad you stopped by!

  2. You’re in Chicago?! We are just north of you just outside of Milwaukee :) Hope you enjoyed your little get away! I’m counting down the days until our FL trip… seriously counting down :)

    • ooh, you’re so close! …AND that means we share weather. YEP, we all need some sunshine every once in awhile don’t we?! :)

  3. hope you having a lovely time and lapping up the gorgeous weather! our sun is long gone and in its place lots of snow :(

  4. Ah, sounds like you guys had fun! Travelling with kids is tough-I just flew with both of mine to France and I was exhausted! I loved reading your answers below too-so glad to have found your blog through the Liebster awards!

  5. Christina Mundaca:

    I have to ask..where do you buy Mateo’s clothes? He is definitely on the “best dressed toddler” list!

    • haha. :) What can I say, he has good taste. ;) So his clothes are mainly a mix of Zara (the cutest!), baby gap outlet, H&M, some hand-me-downs, and I definitely hit thrift stores too. So ha, essentially same as mama. At first I thought boys clothes were so BORING, but now it’s such a blast (um suspenders!) and I definitely don’t spend too much. (most of the time). He actually has a smaller wardrobe than most toddlers, but everything is adorable. I’ll let him know that he made the “best toddler list.” ;)

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