fall into autumn. just a little late. part one.

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These photos are from way back in October. Before Halloween, before the snow (yup, we have snow in Chicago!), and I’m sneaking them in right before Thanksgiving. Now considering I STILL haven’t gone through all of our photos from Europe this summer…they’re not really thaaat late. ;)

We escaped to Indiana for this weekend to visit my parents. My parents left Chicago and moved to a tiny town in Indiana (three hours away), right near Amish country some years ago. It’s a different pace, and really quite a sweet place. We love making little visits, sometimes even just for 24 hours. It’s always worth the drive; Mateo LOVES seeing Noni & Papa and we get a little space from our “to do” lists. We love to see Noni and Papa too of course, and we like having to spend time together, ha. :)  It’s good to get a little space and regroup. We usually set down our cellphones, eat too much, and take long walks.

Last year we took Mateo for some “Fall Photos” and I captured so many sweet images. We also took him to his first Pumpkin Patch and decided to make it a tradition. So this was our “Second Annual.” I tried to repeat the Fall Photoshoot but OH MAN, that boy is way faster and always has his own agenda. I was afraid I didn’t really capture anything. I need to calm down, ha. Love these! But seriously, I think it’s a little impossible NOT to get a few good photos when the world is on fire with color!

I love Autumn, it’s my favorite season. I used to call it “boot season” cause I’m a boots kinda girl. I love the layers, and I love “walking weather.” I donno if it’s just me, but this year autumn has been especially beautiful. I think part of it is that I’ve started paying attention to details. For a few reasons! Mateo is a full-on toddler with reactions to everything, I’m getting more into photography which makes me want to capture all.the.things, and I’m blogging now…so I have this funny internal dialogue taking mental notes all the time (whether you guys ever get to hear it or not).

I wish I would actually scribble my notes because I remember quite clearly that I was feeling suffocated before we left Chicago. Everything felt like pressure and I just felt like I couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t able to enjoy anything. Everything felt like work and responsibility and everything reminded me that I was behind. On everything. I remember getting to my parents house, walking outside and finally breathing.

Going through these photos, I love the contrast of bright colors set off by all the dull, dead and dying scenery behind and under it. For some reason I can relate. ;)

More photos on the way! Part two: Pumpkin Patch! Part three: Bon Fire on a FARM. A real farm. I donno, that was kinda exciting for this city girl. A real farm! A real one.

Mateo’s mouse pants are from PRSPR, an adorable locally based Online shop we adore. Since everyone always asks about them, here’s a link: PRSPR mouse pants :)

**To you in the Philippines. I see you checking in. I’ve been thinking about you all the past couple weeks. I hope you and your families are okay. We’re sending our love and we’re thinking about you. xo

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22 Thoughts on “fall into autumn. just a little late. part one.

  1. You look beautiful, Henna. I can see the peacefulness in your face. Lovely photos, isn’t it magical being surrounded by nature? Those leaves create the perfect frame. Looks like a really nice walk in the woods. And those pants kill me. Is that a mouse face? Adorable.

    • thank you Roseann. it’s amazing how stressed you can be one minute and peaceful the next. and yup, totally a mouse face, ha. :)

  2. kate:

    Wonderful… it’s never too late for pictures like these. ;D LOVE his little mouse pants! Too cute.

    Kate x

    • oh good. thanks Kate! ;) …cause you know, I’ll probably always be a little late. :) Oh yes, the mouse pants are always a hit, haha. :)

  3. Angela:

    Welcome back Ms. Blossom. I used to call it “tights season” because, well, I have a suitcase worth. Gorgeous photos of my favorite little family. :)

    • I’m back! yahooo…the blog dryspell is over! hopefully not too long until the next one. :)

  4. Wow. That first photo of Mateo… He is just a sweet little puddin’!

  5. Patt:

    Hey Henna! I’m an old friend of your mom’s and still a neighbor of yours! Haven’t seen you in years in person but I stop in to check on your blog because it is inspiring! The photos, the posts are all artful and just lovely and help us to see the extraordinary in the the ordinary, every day! Thanks for taking the time to spread your inspiration!

    • Hi Patt! That means so much to me. Wow, thank you so much. I’m so happy that you stopped by. It really does mean a lot to me that you enjoy that bit of extraordinary in the ordinary. We really are an ordinary family bogged down by the most ordinary things but I really do want to notice the details and live an extraordinary life. So thanks for this comment! :)

  6. that one of your two boys!! just gorgeous. better late than never is my mantra ;)

    • Seriously! I’m one to go extremes and just sorta bury things and move on. But hey, it’s my blog. And although I wish I posted in real time (because you have the freshest take)…it’s actually kinda fun to relive these moments. :) again.

  7. Brad:

    These are beautiful. Those pants! I can totally relate to the pressure and the internal dialogue, but we have to remember to breathe… we have to.

  8. What a doll and you have such a handsome family.

  9. Gifford Neill:

    Thought I was already subscribed, but who knows? Found this in the “Trash” emails, of all places!
    Wish I was more ept at this. (opposite of inept).

    • Hmmm, Aki is going to figure that one out! Not your fault, Grandpa! :)

  10. love these photos —- swwwoooooonnnnn!!!

    • Autumn colors are ridiculous…and then you throw that little man in. ;)

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