guys, i’m awake

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It happened. We let the child out of his “cage.” AKA crib.

Thanksgiving Day, I put Mateo down for a nap in his crib. I told him, “When you wake up, we’re going to go have a Thanksgiving Feast and go see Kyle (his cousin).” I do this a lot. At night I’ll tell him to “let me know when you wake up in the morning.” It just seems to help him feel like he’s choosing to go to sleep. (‘Cause toddler like to fight. they just do).

But…it backfired. Possibly “feast” and “cousin” were just too exciting. About 15 minutes later I heard his little voice and it was decidedly not coming from inside his room. We (my parents, sister, Aki, and brother) all ran upstairs…and there he was. Yes, outside. Of his crib, of his room.

Mateo: “Guys, I’m awake!”

He recreated “the climb” for the audience. Three times in a row. ┬áIt was a one-handed operation (because one arm is always cradling his monkey. No monkey left behind). I wish I’d taken a video. Probably not the safest thing to climb out of a crib, one handed while groggy so it was “ciao ciao crib” and “hola toddler bed.” (His crib has a neat little conversion set which opens one side and turns it into a bed).

These photos are from that first night sleeping in his “new” bed. My dad read his bedtime stories (Uncle Christian hung out for a bit too), and it’s pretty novel to be able to have someone else SIT in his bed. :) I have a lot of photos of “Papa” reading to Mateo from the past two years. They’re some of my favorites because my dad read to us every night as kids. I actually still can’t go to sleep to this day without a story (now podcasts).

So yup, now you’re fully updated on Mateo’s sleeping situation. No real big news, but it definitely feels like a milestone. He’s one step closer to being a proper big boy.

Ah, and the best part. When he wakes up, he opens his door and yells one of the following:


“guys I’m awake!”

“Anyone? Anyone?”

“It’s Teo!”

TIME. It sure does fly…

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19 Thoughts on “guys, i’m awake

  1. kate:

    Aw, beautiful post. LOVE the new bed — so stylin’! And the throwback photos, too… he’s such a sweetie. :) Growing up!


    • growing up for sure! it’s so funny when I see those old photos cause I remember thinking he was so old. I’m sure I’ll do the same a year from now. ;)

  2. Angela:

    I spy with my little eye, Korean slippers!!

    I love him. What more can I say? Can’t wait til that crib goes back together for baby #2!

  3. Meghann:

    Love it! Plus I enjoyed the peek into ‘Teo’s bedroom – so cute! I’m sure someday you will be so glad that you have documented all the adorable things he says. Glad the bed transition is going well. We will attempt that one soon since Lukie’s crib will have a new resident before we know it.

  4. I love it. Beautiful photos, beautiful storytelling. The first and last photos in particular. Cheers to transition!

  5. He is the cutest little thing. And I love everything about this post…the pictures, the words and the feelings that they evoke. Time does fly and it is precious. Just like your little Teo. :-)

  6. I enjoyed reading this post. Time surely does fly by fast when you have a little one. I hope he does well with his transition

  7. Papa:

    I just love that Teo is almost always up for a book reading. And I have to let you know, I was only wearing those slippers because Teo gave me no choice.

  8. Cute. Mine started to jump out after he turned two.. the big boy bed just made it easier for him to get to our room and crawl into bed with us..

  9. ah baby teo!! time really does fly.
    how hilarious…guys i’m awake. well you did say when to tell you mama ;)
    let me know how the bed sleeping goes, i’ll be coming to you when it’s time for caleb.
    oh and caleb is OBSESSED with curious george. must get my hands on some books.
    hope you’re feeling better lovely x

  10. Noni:

    I Love it all! I love the fact he showed us how he climbed out three times (at our requests)…all the while keeping his monkey safely cradled in one arm and maneuvering his climb with his other arm… .My precious little one :)

  11. What a cute story! My daughter yells, “MOM! AGUA!”

  12. Jai:

    Hi! Following you from the thread on Mom Bloggers Club! Your little boy is gorg!!! And they grow up way too fast. Mine’s going into a toddler bed soon. I can’t believe I have a toddler. Gah. I miss the snuggles. Great pics!!

    • Khay:

      Aww! Congrats to you and your family! :) Babies are such a joy <3 Can't wait until my sitser has her first baby so we can knit and crochet toys and clothes and mobiles! :D

  13. Hi Henna. I love your blog. The pictures are awesome too!

  14. Beautiful photos and wonderful story! I still remember the first time one of our boys climbed from his crib. :)

  15. Your son is too cute. :) “Guys I’m awake!”

    My son Matthew will be ready for a toddler bed soon. He has already figured out how to climb out of his travel cot/play pen. Luckily his crib has higher rails.

    Is your wall a chalk board?

  16. Haha that is so cute. I love the land of cribs and my middle son started climbing out of his…ugh it was time for a big bed bye bye cage lol. Glad I stumbled across you blog what a sweet little family you have!

  17. Bah! This made me laugh. Sofi always goes, “Mami! Daddy! I’m awake. I come getchu!”

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