it’s the weekend, friends


Well, it’s sunny and the snow is melting around here. (sorry, Mateo). We have out-of-town guests which is always a fun reason to see your own city through fresh eyes. New eyes are good. Let’s all be tourists for a day.

Hope you all have a super weekend. I probably wouldn’t say “super” in real  life but I mean it nonetheless.

Alsooooo, Happy International Women’s Day!


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5 Thoughts on “it’s the weekend, friends

  1. we’ve nominated you for a liebster award! details on my page :)

  2. Lulu:

    Hello dear! I’m so happy I came across your blog via this little house and being a part of the liebster award. You have a beautiful blog and a gorgeous boy :)

    Much love
    Lulu xx

  3. lo:

    how darling! i quite enhoy being a tourist in my own city…

    • totally! part of the reason we all love traveling so much is because our eyes are open. it’s fun to open our eyes to our own city sometimes, isn’t it?! :)

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