he’ll be fine. right?

instagram-toddler-selfiesOh boy, I’m a little nervous. I’ll be boarding a plane to Maine in just a few short hours (yay). Off to celebrate the wedding of my dearest, Angela (yay)! But Mateo is staying home (boo). Of course he’s in good company (yay): my parents, my sister and Aki too (who won’t join me until the weekend). When we booked the trip, we were looking forward to giving him grandparent’s time and giving ourselves grown-up-celebration-time.  I wouldn’t normally worry…but the timing isn’t the best for Mateo (boo). He’s been transitioning.

The first two visits to his little “school” I had to pry him out of my arms. The first pick-up he was sleeping (!) in a corner when I arrived (adorable but a little sad). The little guy tired himself out crying. The second day was better but he was sitting in his teachers arms being comforted when I arrived. I’m so happy that Monday (third try) was different. Although it was a very sad and tearful good-bye in the morning, he was happily sitting on his own eating snack with the rest of the kids when I arrived. In fact, I had to wait around because he didn’t want to leave until he was done eating. He also wanted to say “bye” to his teachers. :)

EVEN BETTER, I got this report from the mom (class volunteer) of the day, “After walking with Mateo today I’m convinced your blog needs two new features. Gif files of his trotting, skipping and dancing. Also some videos of singing and readers can try to figure out the words of his songs.

You m’am have awesome ideas. :)

THAT is the Mateo I know! :) Mateo is always singing (sing-shouting really). His mainstays are “Happy Birthday,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and “the Wheels on the Bus”…but he’s also endlessly making up songs about elephants, trucks (mainly excavators), food, rocks, and who knows what else.

Hoping for good news about him today. Oh, I know I’ll miss that little guy! And I’ll definitely be thinking about him on my flight. This makes me smile:

Too bad I didn’t really catch the singing part. It’s always over as soon as I try to record! And at the end of that clip he’s actually telling me to “stop and come on.” Quite honestly, this blog may need to take a Mateo break because yesterday, I tried to sneak out my phone to catch him eating snack (you know, he’s cute stuff) and this was his reaction:

“no mama, no cam-ra.”

“no cheese.”

“no picture.”

Yeah, he literally spelled it out in three different ways. Okay Mateo, I’m sorry. I get the point. You just want to eat your snack in peace. I mean, I get it. I do.toddler-eating-seaweek-snackOf course I kinda snuck in a few anyway. :) He caught me! :) Still worth it! My boy was eating seaweed for snack. He gobbled down three sheets in fact. Didn’t even need the rice. Kinda proud of that toddler palette. #OneFourthKorean, #represent :)

Have fun with Noni & Papa (grandma & grandpa)!! Have fun at school! You’ll be fine. We’ll facetime. xoxo

baby selfies for instagram

I won’t be blogging until I’m back in Chicago. SO talk to you next week, friends! Feel free to check in through instagram or facebook though if you’re so inclined!

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3 Thoughts on “he’ll be fine. right?

  1. Oh my gosh. I just watched him dance to Gangnam Style and I died. I just died.


  2. Lauren:

    Hi Henna–just wanted to stop by and visit your blog. What a sweet boy you have! I left my little one for 3 weeks over the summer for work. Three weeks! I literally thought my heart was going to fall apart. He was happy with his grandparents and his dad, but it was tough on this mommy!

    The wedding pics are absolutely gorgeous!

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