how long does it take a baby elephant to walk three blocks?

How long? 45 minutes! That’s how long. There’s a reason we usually take a stroller when we have to get somewhere. This little boy of mine gets distracted by EVERY little thing. Not so practical when you have a destination in mind, but an enviable way to experience life doncha thing? Everything is fascinating. :)

Here are a few photos from our walk with Papa (my dad) who was visiting. Mateo loves when my parents visit. I’d say he particularly loves bossing Papa around, ha. We picked up Mateo from his little preschool Halloween party. He was in quite a good mood because well, he was in an elephant suit and holding a big bag of treats. :) …except for whenever I tried to move him along. His pouting pics make me laugh most of all.

toddler halloweentoddler halloween photo shoottoddler halloween photo shoottoddler halloween photo shoottoddler halloween photos for a baby elephanthalloween-0077halloween 0152halloween 0170halloween 0128toddler halloween photoshoot: baby elephant costumeWhere the sidewalk ends..halloween 0192halloween 0239haloween elephanthalloween 0238halloween 0216halloween-0241Oh boy, storming elephant. EVERYBODY MOVE!halloween-0254halloween-0257halloween-0265halloween 0272And yep, this little elephant has a monkey as a sidekick, of course. “Monkey” and Mateo have been almost inseparable lately. They’re kinda BFFs. In fact, enough that Mateo has taken to calling him “Monks” for short every now and then. Yeah, amazing. I love TWO. This is a good, good age. Moods and all. :)

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21 Thoughts on “how long does it take a baby elephant to walk three blocks?

  1. So freaking cute! I love it.

    • Thanks Roseann! ;) hehe. I have even more photos, it’s hard to get it down to a reasonable amount because…baby elephant. :)

  2. kate:

    Love this!! And Monks. I wish I could have seen those little elephant ears flapping… I can just see it. :) Great series of shots! A day you’ll always remember.


  3. Little kids sure love to take in and explore all that is around them. Sometimes it is frustrating when we have somewhere to me but I also remember that kids find so much wonder in exploration and I wish I did that too as an adult!

    • YES! It’s so true. There’s something a bit wonderful to being so fascinated by everything. :)

  4. Cannot get enough of this little elephant!….and his monks! X

    • I hope he keeps up the “Monks” nickname. It cracks me up each and every time. :)

  5. Gifford Neill:

    Great! I’d subscribe to it if I knew how. Love from Grandpa.

    • Hi Grandpa!!! :) I know, I need to get my tech guy on it. ;) Google Reader was shut down, I’ll have to figure out an email subscription substitute! I’ll let you know. xo

  6. Brad:

    That costume! I love all of this.

    • We really do need more costume holidays. Mateo’s little play school is having an “animal day” soon. We may just have to bust out his costume one more time, ha. Your little butterfly was ADORABLE btw! :)

  7. cutest little elefante i have seen in a while. god his face is angelic! xo

    • He makes an excellent elephant indeed. Kinda perfect that he’s still a chub too, ha. :)

  8. As far as I’m concerned, the Baby Elephant should have his way ALWAYS! Did you hear me? ALL THE TIME! ;-) He is so cute when he’s storming. It made us all laugh. Hee hee! If you need a Baby Bee costume, I’ve got one. We’ve also have a Baby Dragon that would look adorable on him! :-) (And, after that, the costumes get less cute… sigh.)

    • haha, you crack me up. Oh, don’t you worry! That baby elephant is running the show! And yeah, I think the storming pics are my fav. He was laughing and so happy most of the time but I just couldn’t catch it. Then he stopped to pout and they just make me smile every single time. :) And YES, I NEED to borrow these other costumes you speak of. :)

  9. aw the cutest elephant I have ever seen! so cute Henna!

    • Thanks Alecia! :) I love that I got him in that elephant suit while he’s still nice and chubby. :)

  10. wow what a cute elephant .My daughters were Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween.. so i took all the shots you can possibly imagine.

    You take gorgeous pictures!

    • Um, I NEED to see that. Seriously, how adorable! I want to keep putting M in costumes now. Is that acceptable? :)

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