i need to tell you about my awesome sock snowman


Okay, so don’t roll your eyes too hard…but I’m kinda proud. Like, really proud. Like, I’m having one of those, “oh man, I’m so amazing” moments. There’s just something satisfying about making stuff  with your hands. I need to protect more time for crafts and being creative in general. You should too.


Last night, my friend, Catherine brought her two (super cute) toddlers over for dinner and had this sweet idea that she found on the internet. I won’t claim to be up to date on crafting trends, but I’m guessing that March is typically a little late for winter themed activity. BUUUUT, we’re still buried in snow so we decided run with it! Sock snowmen and away we go!

I should mention that this was supposed to be a project “for the kids.” But let’s be real, my kid is 18 months old. He would have just gotten in the way. ;)

We let the kids scoop rice into the socks and that completed their portion of the project. Thanks kids! From there, we let them go to town with the rest of the rice, some bowls and a few spoons. That bought us about 20 minutes to whip these guys up. I WILL say, if I was to do this all over again, I’d probably leave the toddlers with play dough or something less…small and prone to S C A T T E R. We’ll probably be finding rice in small corners until Mateo leaves for college.


But seriously, how CUTE are these guys?! If you want to make your own snowman, it’s super easy. This crafty lady will tell you how.

For the wardrobe run down, my guy is a white sock wearing a mustard sweater scrap hat with a poof ball on top made from an old fuzzy pillow cover. His plaid jacket is a scrap from an old table cloth, and it’s all tied together with some twine and mini rubber bands. I especially love his hat. I’d wear that hat.

Catherine’s “little” lady is head to toe rainbow sock. She’s bright and colorful just like Catherine. Sometimes we have a good laugh that we’re friends. Case and point — Just ask us our favorite color. Henna: grey. Catherine: is rainbow a color?


And now to name them…

PS  I DO realize that you’d probably  rather be looking at photos of the three cute toddlers who were in the background, but I was way too focused on my CRAFT to think of that. They were cute and messy. You’ll just have to take my word this time.

PPS  If you missed the link above and wanted to try your own hand at making an awesome sock snowman, just click over to –> Then She Made for instructions

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12 Thoughts on “i need to tell you about my awesome sock snowman

  1. Catherine:

    I needed mine to be big to show off the RAINBOW! :D
    I thank the crafty lady who posted this for a fun night of snow…er… rice. And Henna for a crafty outlet to soothe my ruffled soul! We have to do this more often!!
    PS. I have more age appropriate crafts for the kids, but they involve glue and cotton balls…. that might turn more disastrous than the rice in bowls on the floor, but we may as well give it a go! :D

  2. Esther:

    So cute! I love your blog Henna! Makes me miss the days when I used to blog.

  3. JaeHi:

    They are so cute! I laughed!! Look at Mateo trying to keep them in place :D

    • That’s nice that you are giving him the benefit or the doubt. I’d say it was more like they were in grave danger. :)

  4. Mary K:

    Awww! Very cute idea:) It’s true…the kids do get in the way of our crafts…lol. BTW congrats on setting up this blog and updating it. I have been reading and enjoying it! On a side note, it was a year ago this month when we had our cousins’ reunion and our boys met! I distinctly remember a heat wave in Chicago during that time….not so much this year..so snowmen crafts are entirely appropriate!

    • Wow, that’s incredible! (and year ago)! I’m so glad that we had the reunion! And to think…the boys were pretty much naked and outside most of the trip. Maybe the naked part was more my son. ha. :) Miss you guys! xo

  5. Valerie:

    I admit, I did NOT want to read this post, because it’s so mommish… but I just loved it, because it’s so Hennaish. xo

  6. Meghann:

    Love it Henna! Oh and my fav color is gray too =)

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