i thought we were sharing

this toddler is serious about icecreamWe’ve already established that Mateo is pretty serious about playing. (this post) That’s not all he’s pretty serious about. ^^ OH MY.

He might share his trucks or cars with you. But you should probably order your own ice-cream cone. Learned that the hard way. ;)

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10 Thoughts on “i thought we were sharing

  1. The first time Kyle had ice cream, I figured we’d share. Yeah. I figured incorrectly. The pix are absolutely adorable!!!

    • They always somehow have room in their little (or not so little) bellies for ice cream! all of it. :) Aww, haha, I just remembered little Kyle’s second birthday party. He was so shy, until you asked if anyone wanted ice cream and then he JUMPED off his chair and screamed “MEEEE!” <3

  2. Angela:

    good call on no clothes though! ha.

  3. ha ha oh i love this, that cone is practically the size of him. i’m guessing it took mere minutes to down that baby. mateo does not share food. documented fact!
    love the dinosaur and trucks pictures too, looking forward to the day caleb pays more attention to his toys and not the remote control!

  4. kate:

    Adorable! Such concentration! My favorite is the one in the very center, as if he really is giving you that look that means, “Get your own!” Great series :)

    Kate x

  5. He is so serious about his ice-cream!
    I do not get a chance to comment often but it’s always fun to see what you and Mateo are up to. Love your blog.

  6. OMGee – He is going to work on that cone! Just the way it should be. Adorable!

  7. Stephs Two Girls:

    Love it. Fab photos – and huge ice cream cone!! Found you through Love All Blogs x

  8. That really is some serious munching! Very impressed he scoffed the lot…mine always leave a soggy cone for me to dispose of.

    Thanks for linking up to The Monday Club!

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