if Mateo had a blog

Mateo is a passionate toddler and it’s taking him places. Yep, he’s taken up a new job of sorts and he’s quite  serious about it. What’s the gig? Mateo is taking on the world, one playground at a time. It’s (truly) important to him to really experience  the local play offerings in every city (or neighborhood) we visit. He also finds it to be a great way to mingle with local children and feel like a local himself. ;)

So far, he’s tested  the lovely parks of Croatia, and numerous throughout Austria, and Italy. Not to mention (!) making sure that little jungle gyms at rest stops along the expressways get their due attention.

He has high hopes to expand his work beyond North America and Europe. We’ll see, Mateo. We’ll see.

Of course he’s been too busy playing  to blog and pass on proper reviews, so I thought I’d just give you all a highlight. This playground in Dubrovnik, Croatia was awesome.dubrovnik fun for kidsSeriously, how amazing is that backdrop for a play lot?! This place had it going on.toddler playground in dubrovnikAki and I had been to Dubrovnik together back in 2009 as newlyweds. It’s a gorgeous city on the sea with incredible history, but WHOA, it took Mateo coming along to find this jewel. ;) Somehow we TOTALLY missed this playground back then. OH, maybe ’cause we were too busy drinking leisurely glasses wine. We were so boring back then. ;)

First off, let me just tell you how cool the entrance is. It’s a tiny unassuming passageway built into the old city walls. It makes you feel like you’ve discovered a secret. All the local kids know what’s up though. Adults have to duck, the shorties march right in. So yeah, the playground is built right into the outside of the city’s ancient walls. A-W-E-S-O-M-E-pants. Dubrovnik is known for its medieval walls. In fact, it’s among the 10 best medieval walled cities in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.park entrance dubrovnik wallskids in dubrovniktoddler favorite in dubrovnikThere isn’t a playground this kid sees that he doesn’t want to experience, but I’m with you Mateo…this one was pretty special.toddler in dubrovnik, croatiaIn other news, little Mateo is already working on another column: international beaches. This kid! So focused at such a young age. I hope to help him pursue his passions in ANY way that I can! ;) ha


Hope you have a weekend of play ahead! We’ve got lots of organizing and de-cluttering around here, but also some fun social plans. And you KNOW, Mateo will make sure we get outside and play! :)

We’ve learned some things. I think Mateo would have been much happier in Venice (that post) last year if we had just lead him to a playground. You live and you learn. ;)

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9 Thoughts on “if Mateo had a blog

  1. Sinead Hannan:

    Ahhhh this is awesome. What a magical spot. If you are looking for a playground with a view here in Chicago try 31st St beach. It’s no Drubrovnik medieval city with breathtaking views. But it does have a fabulous view of the lake – the swings almost look like they are flying over the water… I’m sure you would get son fab photos. :)

    • Oooh! I’ve never been to 31st St. Beach! huh. You know, being away from Chicago for so long…I am actually just so in love with this city now that I’m back. And I also feel inspired to DO more (be a traveler in my own city) with Mateo. Hopefully that feeling lasts. :) Thanks for the tip Sinead!

  2. Super cute! Love it! And yes, we need to read Mateo’s review of the best beaches. Still waiting to see pix of him in his Euro swim trunks… :-)

    • haha, good point. those shorts are worth planning an entire vacation around, ha. :)

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  4. Oh this is awesome. What a beautiful playground, I wish I had gone to places as interesting when I was a child! And I must say I’ve always loved the name Mateo, its actually on my baby names list lol I don’t think I’ll be having a child anytime soon…but the name is there lol ♥

  5. Ok, Mateo should start a travel blog the minute he learns to write. I think children should be encouraged to have blogs, I think it would be interesting for the adults to see the world through their eyes!! Children could teach us something, for sure.
    Anyway, Dubrovnik must be really, really beautiful!

  6. Ada :):

    This kid, living the life…one playground at a time :)

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