into the wind

Oh man oh man, we’re back in the “Windy City.” Look, I love my city (Chicago) and I can (totally) handle the weather…buuut, when you march off a plane at 10 pm wearing sandals and a bright pink shirt dress it’s like a slap in the face to hit temps in the high 20s (fahrenheit) and wind that wants to knock you down. I should know better. We have definitely left the “Sunshine State.”

But let’s go with it. The wind is howling and we’re going with it!

This morning I thought of a few images that I love from one of my favorite little Pinterest boards I call, “Into the Wind.” It’s a small collection of images that capture the feeling of facing the wind, sometimes fighting a storm, other times submitting to the universe, laughing into the air, simply stopping for the moment, or just feeling the wind in your hair.

You’re probably noticing that I like to feelĀ  things. Images make me feel. I thought I’d share a couple with you today, and we can discover a couple photographers while we’re at it.


top: Wind by Kate Toluzakova
bottom: After the Water by Daria Dorofeeva

If I could, I’d bring back the sun and warm us up a bit over here. Since I can’t, let’s (try to) appreciate that variety makes us feel something different. I don’t think that I’d like to feel happy and sunny all day every day.

I have lots of photos to sort through from our recent trip to Florida. And yeah, pretty sure everyone just wants to see what Mateo wore. I swear, walking around with that kid is like walking around with a celebrity. I also have a few other posts up my sleeve that I didn’t get to finish before we skipped out of town. Now that we’re back, I’ll get on all of that!

In the meantime, does anyone else have a random Pinterest board they’d like to share? Anyone else collect photos of girls standing in the wind? haha.

source: Flickr: Kate Toluzakova, 500px: Daria Dorofeeva, found via: Pinterest (HENNA BLOSSOM)

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10 Thoughts on “into the wind

  1. In retaliation for you REFUSING to post a photo of Mateo today, I wasn’t going to make a comment… But it was a good post. So, I’m commenting. ;-) Well done!

    • haha, I’m horrible aren’t I. Not a real blog post without Mateo. :)

  2. Gifford Neill:

    I stopped by.

  3. Gah.. yeah, Chicago weather is something I’ll never get used to. We lived there for a bit during my 1st pregnancy and it was so brutally cold. Growing up in Los Angeles it was a drastic change. I wanted to run far away when winter hit. But, Chicago is one of those stunning photogenic cities I always miss. (Sorry didn’t mean to go into all that here..hehehe).

    Great words/post. Images makes me feel too and these are spectacular photos. Cannot wait to see photos and hear stories of your trip!!! Oh and see cute outfit photos of your little celebrity too. Hehehehe.

    • ahh, wow, you lived in Chicago for a bit huh. I’m glad that despite the weather you have a fond spot in your heart. I like that you see cities through your photographers eye. It adds an interesting perspective. :)

  4. Christina Mundaca:

    Funny! I just uploaded a “selfie” onto Instagram. It was a crazy windy day in San Antonio a few weeks ago. Not typical for San Antonio weather. My hair was flying in all different directions and I thought to myself..this is going to be a funny pic! #messyhairdontcare :-)

  5. lo:

    hey, i live here ;) chicago is actually called ‘the windy city’ for its politics a while back. though it is pretty windy here…not to mention the mean wind chill in the winter months…

    • oh wow, didn’t know you were local! ah yes, Chicago and politics. funny, I’m usually the one informing people of this factoid. ;) Oh Chicago…you windy city.

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