it’s okay cause we’re old friends.

Here’s the thing, old friends don’t need to explain. You know, REAL friends. They just continue where they left off. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s easy. We’ll fill in the blanks. Or not. Deal? I’ll take your silence as agreement. ;)

I think what I’m saying is….there’s just too much that’s happened since we last hung out. And it’s stressing me out. (The “catching up” of it). And I’m avoiding you. But we’re good friends…soooooooo let’s just continue where we left off. ‘Cause NOT having you in my life is bumming me out. Cause like, so many thoughts man. ;) So much living. It’s happening! And it’s just better when we process it together. (anyone else feel like I’m “dear diary-ing” you?), ha.

So, let’s START. Here.

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And ‘HERE’ comes with a slight disclaimer: Things may be a little less pretty and a little more basic on da blog. And OH MAN, I waaaaaaant to fill in all the holes and all the blanks. There’s so much I’d love to save in these pages. And if we were on a long road trip I’d talk your ear off and interrupt you a million bajillion times cause I have so much to SAY. But little hands seem to pull me away or press ALLTHEKEYS every time I sit down.

You know, there’s a part of me that feels very self conscious about the blog. About people looking in. About whether it should have a direction? Like, is it okay to just keep randomly rambling and not figuring anything out?  Am I TRYING to figure something out? Do I still want an audience? I donno, STOP LOOKING AT ME! ;)

But life keeps on rolling. And whatev. It’s not really about getting somewhere. This spot pushes me to think and connect. And for some reason, sharing has been an extra positive layer. So we’ll try it again.

When I started the blog it was out of a desperate need for creative expression. And time to myself, for myself. I was also seeking validation (I’ll admit it) and a connection to the outside world and to other people with similar motivations, desires, and outlook. While it felt incredibly vulnerable to post my thoughts online (and it still does), it was SUCH a healthy push in the right direction. It did spark creativity, helped me to invest in myself, and stop and pay attention to my thoughts.

I’m at a different place in my life today. I don’t feel (as much) need for validation. I’m much more comfortable in my own skin, and in the season of life that I am in (mainly being a mother to two young children). But tonight as I’m typing, I’m feeling a lot of the same desperation for more creative expression and for more time to myself (and for myself) that I felt when I started this space.


So that’s that. And here I am again.

TIME has been a big excuse for NOT blogging. But ya know, life isn’t ALL or NOTHING. I have a history of living it that way. But really, consistency is a thing too. A REAL thing.



THANK YOU to all the people sent me sweet emails or left comments saying they’ve missed this blog. Or um, who believed me the last two times I said I was BACK, baby! :/ Really though, those messages have meant a lot to me. And the reality is, this space although neglected has made a big difference in my life. It’s helped fuel a reawakening of my desire for a creative life. It’s caused me to be more vulnerable and open.  Which in turn has helped me to OWN who I am and where I am in life. And it’s given me some real (and lasting friendships). Who knew?! Cheers to the internet. ;) And cheers to documenting. And cheers to having a creative excuse.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that commenting on blogs is SO two years ago. But friends, I’m SO two years ago, so you can totally still leave a COMMENT for me if you’ve gotten this far. Are you “all or nothing?” Do you think I’m really back to blogging?? (totes am, totes). ;) What day of the week is it today?? ;) I always feel a little anxious right before hitting “PUBLISH.” I always think, “who CARES?!” But I’m gonna hit “publish” anyway. In fact, ughh….I don’t know that I even care about any of these WORDS…but I do like my paper bag “art.” So ima gonna publish that. haha.

OH, and because I encourage randomness. I just read this about parenting in Cuba and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe you will too. ;)

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6 Thoughts on “it’s okay cause we’re old friends.

  1. Rachel:

    So, I just had the thought, I wonder if Henna has updated her blog and I was happy to see you had! I really appreciate the way you share your thoughts and am so blessed to know you offline! I’m looking forward to an amazing year. Cheers to a new school year and new adventures!

    • Aww you are awesome…and yay, so many adventures this year! ;)

  2. Write what you want, when you want. No apologies needed.

    • It’s a funny thing journaling out loud. it’s really mainly a conversation with myself ha. I feel like I have to get some of my objections to myself out of the way so I can move on myself. ;) Thank you though for saying so…the endless “sorries” are something that I work on. ;)

  3. Well, I just love you. And it’s Tuesday…no wait, Wednesday over here *insert laughing emoticon here*. What’s that you were saying about blogging without emoticons? *kissy face* Also, please don’t click on the link to MY blog…

  4. Hello Henna – Wonderful to hear from you….it’s been a while now… Today, I said to myself let me see if Henna has updated her blog and I was so happy you had…REALLY
    Don’t give up girl, cause we like your creativity. Have a lovely weekend!

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