it’s the last day of March. Oh, and Happy Easter.

Whoa man, it’s April tomorrow. How did we make it to the end of March already? This month began with a huge inspirational epiphany for me which I shared in this post. I really feel like March COUNTED, you know. So let’s keep moving forward. I want April to count  too. PS, I know, I’m a little dramatic.

Hey, and it’s Easter today. So Happy Easter, friends! We never celebrated holidays as kids so I feel like I’m making it all up as we go along. Sometimes I wish we had old family traditions to share with Mateo, but then again, we get to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and make it all our OWN. It’s kinda fun that way. We’re free of tradition in that sense. Hmm, possibly why my Easter eggs were LEOPARD this year, ha. And whoa…you guys love leopard. Who knew? It’s been so fun having so many (obviously cool) people from around the world stop in just to check out that sillyness.

toddler easter outfitYou KNOW we don’t miss an opportunity to find a rocking outfit to match the occasion, so Happy Easter from THIS GUY. ^^

Please excuse Mateo’s rudeness. He was too busy checking out his POCKETS to look up and wish you a happy holiday himself. He means it though.

Hope you’re all eating well, hanging out with good people, and hopefully getting outside wherever you are!

See you in APRIL!


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9 Thoughts on “it’s the last day of March. Oh, and Happy Easter.

  1. oh wow…. that is so cute, loving this post, and a happy Easter to him as well (and you *smiles*)

  2. When you look THIS good, you don’t have to look at the camera. Happy Easter! :-)

    • ain’t that the truth. ;) Even when he doesn’t cooperate he’s adorable. ;)

  3. JaeHi:

    I Love Love Love this photo…Just a natural pose…

  4. Jess:

    Oh dear lord… could that boy get any cuter?! Hope you all had a fantastic Easter! Here’s to making April count!

  5. Marie:

    That’s such a cute but smart outfit! He’s totally rocking the suspenders. ;)

  6. Marie:

    Btw fold-up long sleeves are the cutest on little boys too. :)

    • I agree! Total “baby styling” tip. ;) but shh, little secret…they are rolled up here because that shirt is WAY too small for him, ha. :)

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