kids these days

man to man

In other news, Mateo, at the ripe old age of 18 months has decided that he’d like a more “man to man” relationship with his father. Out of the blue this morning, he dropped “Tata” (“Dad” in Croatian) and started addressing his father as “Aki” (the nickname we all call Andrija).

Not a fluke. He’s kept it up ALL DAY.

I know we should probably nip it in the bud soon, but quite honestly, it’s hilarious, and I may or may not be encouraging it just a tinsy bit. What can I say? The boy is a showman and he’s been getting good audience response.

So far, my formal title doesn’t seem to be in any danger — Mama, mama, mama, mama.

I’ll keep you updated.

*photos taken October 20, 2012 

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6 Thoughts on “kids these days

  1. zeljana:

    I love your blog. This is awesome, it’s make me feel closer to u all :)
    Keep posting!!
    Few months more and we’ll see u :D, can’t wait!

    • That’s so nice to hear. We really miiiiiss you guys! Mateo can’t wait to put his passport into action again :)

  2. Meghann:

    LOL! Lucas will sometimes refer to Chad by his name and it always takes me a sec to realize it since it does sound like dad. Also he has stopped calling me mama or mommy and I’m now mom. I will totally lose it if he ever calls me ma.

    • Oh nooo! Yes, must draw the line at “ma.” Who do they think they are? :)

  3. Your blog is just too beautiful! Such wonderful photographs and such a pretty family! This made me laugh so much-my little girl has just started calling people by their names or pairing their title ‘Daddy’ with name ‘Sam’. I can’t help but laugh when she calls for Daddy Sam or Mummy Asha. Cheeky but cute! Your little guy is adorable!

    • they make it impossible to correct, don’t they?! :) ughh, cuties! :)

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