let’s get dressed together

It’s the FIRST of the month and we have 30 fresh, new days ahead of us! I’m going to begin mine with a new styling series. Without further ado, let’s begin with a “Spring Look.” So did you know, it’s officially SPRING already? I kinda just found out. Why didn’t you guys tell me? I know…what rock do I live under? This is not the place to come for breaking news. I asked Aki the other day if it was 2013. :/ (it is). I think sometimes he wonders how I’ve made it this far in life without him. Whatever Aki, I made it just fine!anatomy of an outfitThis isn’t a “what to wear” or a “what to buy” post. It’s more a, “hey, I wore this” post. I’m going to be doing more of these. Because they’re fun.

This is pretty typical “me,” and a good representation of where I get clothes and how I put them together. Nothing special. I wore this to my (super cute/awesome) cousin’s fifth birthday party this weekend. As usual, getting dressed was the last thing I did before running out of the house. Sometimes the more rushed, the more creative. This was a new combo of frequently worn items.

Although I LOOOOVE clothes and fashion, these days I’m not pouring much money into my wardrobe. The moolah is going to the house, the baby, babysitters, and family vacations. And that’s okay. Lately I’d rather save up for camera lenses, a writing tablet for photoshop, more baby suspenders, stuff like that. ;)

Now if you want to see what I’d be wearing on an unlimited  budget, I’ve got a whole board dedicated to my personal style. It’s also how I see myself walking down the street in my make-believe world. <3. I’m so  awesome in that world. ;) I add new outfits and looks almost every day. Thank goodness it’s enough for me to just “pin” or I’d be in BIG trouble. Ughh, I do fantasize about a “buy it (ALL) now” button & having the entire board delivered to my house. sigh…

thrifting finds


1. Timex army green watch. So cheap, so cute with everything. The hands are red, love that.

2. Leather belt (just peeking in this look). Everyone needs a brown leather belt. I have one to cinch at my waist and another larger one to wear at my hips with pants. This one has a brass buckle which I love. I got it from a thrift store years ago (probably under $5) and it’s aged to perfection.

3. This is my sister’s sweater. I got it for her from Target. It’s an Oatmeal color, loose, and a great length. It’s better with pants, but it works here too. It’s loose and looks great with skinny jeans. I wish I’d bought one for myself!

4. The “dress” underneath is actually a SKIRT that I bought at a thrift store. It was a blouse/skirt set, probably $6 for both. As a set, it’s that out-of-date grandma pioneer look. So I separate them. ;) I LOVE the blouse, and wear it with pants. The skirt looks great as a dress with a belt to cinch at your waist. This day, I pulled some of the fabric above the belt to make the top “pouffier” which gave the bottom the “high/low” look. In the summer, you can just wear it with a slip underneath and throw on some sandals.

5. This is my favorite purse. I got it at a thrift store (again years ago, and again for probably $6 at absolute most). It’s leather and beautifully worn-in and the perfect size! It has two pockets inside and a back slot to put any extras or papers. It’s small and easy to throw cross body but it fits everything I need plus more. (phone, wallet, idea notebook, pens, lip glosses, junk). It also fits a child sippy cup. ;) This is the perfect travel bag, I always bring it with me.

6. These olive pants are my favorite. They are so comfortable and look great with everything. They’re as versatile as jeans, but give you a different look. I won’t give you the brand because I honestly don’t recommend whatever these are. I got them at Marshalls for $7.99 a year ago. I need to get a high quality pair somewhere. So worth it. Go get yourself a pair. Oh, I said it wasn’t going to be a “what to buy” post, didn’t I…

7. Simple slip on shoes from Target. I like to spend a little more on shoes typically. I think it’s worth it for comfort and quality but these were cute and cheap so I impulse bought them last year. I still think they’re very cute as long as you don’t look too close. ;)

                                                                       .    .    .

So there ya go! My first “Style” post and my first “Anatomy of an Outfit” post. On the first of the month! It ended up being quite a budget outfit as well. That’s always good!

Who else is proud of their thrifting finds? Anyone else rocking a skirt as a dress. Or a dress over pants? We live crazy lives, don’t we? ;)

                                                                       .    .    .

Wishing everyone a great April. Make it count! I know it’s cheesy, but I just love any new, fresh opportunity, even if it’s just turning the calendar page. It makes me hopeful.


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15 Thoughts on “let’s get dressed together

  1. You know, people can spend thousands of dollars on their clothes, but if they don’t have style, they can’t pull it off. YOU can carry off just about any look. I love it. All of it. Especially that sweater. The only thing that would make this picture better is if Mateo was in it. But hey, that’s just me. :-) xxoo

  2. Great pictures, you look absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony’s Blog

  3. Jess:

    You’re beautiful and um, you make me want to dress better. So please do more of these posts. :)

    • I have a feeling I’LL dress better if I start doing these posts more often, ha. :) It’s fun to have a reason to make something so “every day” special!

  4. Cathy Clark:

    Second hand can be a good source of clothes. Love second handing! Nice blog, Henna! I love reading it! Love pics of the little one, too! So cute!

    • Cathy Clark:

      I just saw your comment on thrifting. You are already there! I missed it on the first read (blushing)

  5. Hi Henna! I’ve been wearing dresses over jeans for the past three years. I did it because I’m a mom of 3, wanting to be stylish, but appropriate. I love your look, so glad I found you on MBC! :)

  6. Marie:

    I love simple shoes/flats too! I’d rather walk in them than heels. And your sister’s sweater looks good! I love sharing clothes with my sister too (sometimes I just steal hers without asking. heheheee).


  7. tita:

    omg, you look JUST like your mother in that photo – beautiful!

  8. Hi! I am stopping over from MBC. Love your writing style, so casual and cheerful, puts a smile on my face when I read your blog. Keep it up! :)

  9. LOVE that purse! Thrifting is such a fun and thrilling thing. Love when you find things for a steal. Your outfit is so cute! I dress best when I’m in a hurry too.

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  11. Love your creativity! I’m totally with you…the less time, the more creative. Such a fun post series, I look forward to seeing more!

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