life lately (according to my phone & instagram)


Been taking care of myself.  Thinking good thoughts, eating good food.

Taking advantage of this great walking weather. Every. chance. we. get.

Fun at a “weswan wif warns” (restaurant with Lawrence). Mateo missed his buddy. When we arrived, he ran up to Lawrence and said “Happy see you Warns!” I’m definitely coming back to this spot: Grandma J’s Local Kitchen in Humboldt Park. Great food, and stocked with games and toys!

Little thrifting, Little Fall shopping.

“Nature Class” for the city kids. They literally learned to hug trees last week ^^ :)

Sunday Brunch (just the three of us) @Prasino in Wicker Park. Mateo remembered the French Toast he ate with Lawrence (@Grandma J’s Local Kitchen) earlier in the week. He knew exactly what he wanted when our server came by. Before we got a chance to give our orders, this little one belts out, “FRENCH TOAST! Tank youuuuuu.” :)

My crazy-pants self is digging some crazy pants. I think I figured out how to fashionably wear PJs in public. Pretty sure I’m pulling it off…

OH, that’s why people take selfies. Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. ;)

I’m loving Instagram lately. (That and Pinterest). I loooove¬†visual inspiration. It’s my jam. There are so many interesting/inspiring people to follow and it’s just a fun way to document daily LIFE. I don’t know why I took so long to get into it. Oh yeah, I was really private. Yeah, really. I’ve actually had an account for over two years, I just hated that it was public. Ha, and now I have a blog. Go figure. I don’t get it either. I’m a woman of extremes, what else can I say? In any case, I’m IN. I’m posting.

Follow me! (here). My feed is @hennablossom. Get ready, I’m super original, man. I post my food, my kid, and throw in a selfie here and there. Who doesn’t want in on THAT?? Ground-breaking stuff. ;)

Let me know if you have a favorite person/photographer/designer to follow! Life is messy, tiring, and complicated (I know). But it’s also beautiful, sweet, charming and delicious. I like building reasons to see the latter.

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10 Thoughts on “life lately (according to my phone & instagram)

  1. Dean:

    Here’s one of my favourite bloggers/illustrator/photographer and of course, she’s also a mummy! As you know, mothers rock! =) And like you, she also has a gorgeous family! All the best, Dean.

    • First of all, you are the sweetest. And Oooh, thanks for the tip! OH my, yes…I am officially a new fan! :) By the way, I have been dying to eat some Filipino noodles since your last comment awhile back, ha. I already mentioned it to a friend, we just need to set a date. :)

  2. Brad:

    Instagram is addicting. So much so that I have to remind myself to put down the phone and take a picture with a real camera once in a while. My feed (@bradleycowan) is full of pictures of my 2 year old daughter… I should probably put up a disclaimer or something letting people know that in advance, but then I assume they’ll figure it out. Right? All parents flood their feed with kid pictures. Right? Love your pictures. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh dear…me toooo. I haven’t picked up my real camera in a week. And ha, I’m already convincing myself that I need an updated iphone so I can grab better quality pics/video, ha. Oh instagram. I am however thankful that I am saving more daily moments. :) And yep, pretty sure we can’t help ourselves (with the flood of kid pics in our feed). :)

  3. Angela:

    Yay! Welcome to instagraming everything. all. the. time.

    When you say “man” it makes me laugh thinking that other strangers probably assume you are a stoner with a hacky sack when you aren’t blogging. haha.

    • ha. I don’t know if I’ve always said “man” or it’s something new…but MAN, it’s in my vocab….and now Mateo’s, ha. He will say “aww, maaaaan.” :) Little mini me. (when he’s not being a mini you, that is, ha).

  4. Love these! Gotta add you to instagram! it’s so addicting!

    • Oooh! I def need to find YOU. You’re on of my fav photogs. I love how you can capture both daily life of your gorgeous fam AND gritty fashion photography. <3

  5. loving your life lately posts and your whole blog. i too love instagram for this very reason. I found you there and read you here now!

  6. Lisa:

    Gorgeous pics and a beautiful way to create memories for your kids.

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