little things to smile about on a Monday

It’s Monday. We like Friday better, but here we are nonetheless. Let’s not drag our feet! Who doesn’t like a fresh, new beginning?
let's enjoy the little things | hennablossom

These photos are from the (American Football) Super Bowl weekend. More importantly, the weekend we finally  got some quality snow to play in! This was Mateo’s first real time getting down and dirty in the stuff. Last year he couldn’t even sit up. This year he’s running!

snow baby | hennablossom

Mateo kept making his baby signs for “more, more” snowballs. Here he is looking mighty  proud with his very own.

first snowball mateo final

Snow can be such a pain in the city but OH, I missed it so much this year. It is so beautiful. And you know, there’s nothing like a 17 month old toddler to remind you how much FUN it can be too. Oh man, I LIVED for playing in the snow when I was a kid. One of the biggest perks of being a mom is remembering how much fun it is to play. We forget.

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4 Thoughts on “little things to smile about on a Monday

  1. When people get older, snow becomes an inconvenience that has to be shoveled and dealt with. Seeing pics of little kids playing in the snow, you remember why you chose to live in a place with frigid winters. Mateo is too cute for words. So I’ll stop here. :-)

    • …yeah, it’s not so fun for driving either! It’s always nice to be around people that have a different perspective…just happens to be very short, cute people in our case, ha.

  2. Angie:

    Love seeing Mateo frolicking around in the snow like Myles :-) see you to tomorrow

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