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aki-and-henna-at-weddingThis past weekend, Aki and I were in Maine celebrating the marriage of  two of our favorite people in the whole wide world, Mark & Angela. And look ^^, we got to play dress-up too! ;)

To be completely honest, I was a bit of an emotional mess the entire time. I was overwhelmed with the the spirit of love, generosity, and friendship. And it blew my mind to see it pouring out of the most beautiful, kind-hearted and Talented (capital T) people I’ve ever had the luck of crossing paths with. For Serious. I just couldn’t believe that somehow, my life had brought me to be part of this group. I still can’t believe it. But there I am with feathers in my hair, wearing an ethereal blush dress. Yes sir-ee, I was bridesmaid.

The best part was that the entire bridal party rented a house together. I mean, seriously — This is the stuff of kid’s dreams! Let’s live in a house with all of our friends! We’re already talking about part two. I really hope this becomes a regular thang. Oh please.stonesegrist-group-wedding-photoMateo loves this photo. He likes to point out “Mama, Mahk, An-ja, Tata!” And then he says “going big airplane see Mahk and An-ja” followed by “Teo come big airplane too.” Next time Mateo! For sure! :)

I kinda love that photo too. It’s our “happily ever after” photo. wink ;). Where shall we go next, guys?? Just kidding. I mean, we’ll give you a moment – just the two of you – before we ride off into the sunset together. ;) Omg, poor Mark and Aki.

Our plans are falling nicely into place, aren’t they Angela? haha. ;)

Really though, thank you Mark & Angela for having us be part of your day and not just that, your lives. I can’t express how lucky I feel just to know you both. Oh dear, I feel another tear coming on. So let’s leave it here for now.


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11 Thoughts on “love love love

  1. Angela:

    I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!!

  2. Henna..
    “YOU” are a great author…I love reading your blogs…

  3. I love your blog it took care time and dedication to set it up. I look forward to following it

  4. ahh i was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends too this weekend just gone.
    i have major wedding comedown that’s for sure.
    seeing people you love declare their love for one another…best.thing.ever.

    you all look seriously gorgeous!

    • aww, isn’t that fun! living parallel lives Portland/Edinburgh! :) It really is the best thing…and it’s so fun as we get older, your friends become family and it’s exciting and sweet to see our families grow!

      I must say, feathers in the hair = amazing. I didn’t want to take them out. I think you barely need make-up with those fluffy dreamy things bobbing around. :) Let’s see if I can find another excuse soon! ha

  5. Carol Stone:

    Henna, I am so glad you are one of Angela’s friends. We all were embraced by love this last week. Glenn and I are still just beside ourselves with our daughter’s happiness.

  6. Carol Stone:

    Henna, I am so glad you are one of Angela’s friends. We all felt that love and have had so many comments about the wedding and the happiness that was felt. Glenn and I are just
    elated with joy for them both. You are a beautiful person inside and out and we have come
    to love you. From the rehearsal dinner through the wedding weekend there was such a
    level of energy and love. May God Bless you and your lovely family.

    • Carol, that means so much to me! I think we’re officially family now. :) It’s obvious that Angela has been raised in love…you really are such incredible parents. I think we’re all having a hard time getting over the love fest! :) Let’s not. :)

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