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party-details2A few more photos from Angela’s Hen Party last Saturday. I love this grouping because it’s a combination of grounded & earthy AND light & ethereal. I think Angela would appreciate that. ;) Check out part one and more party details from the last post (here).

Oh, we’re just going to drag this out aren’t we? Yep, I still have more photos to share as soon as I get a minute. You know where to find me!

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7 Thoughts on “lovely details

  1. JaeHi:

    They are lovely!

  2. Psssst! Have your friends come over and decorate my house. :-)

  3. Angela:

    Jae! I’d love to come decorate.

    Henna the picture of me holding Jacque’s baby belly is so sweet. I love it! :) I wonder if she does… haha.

    Ah well.

    • Oooooh! I have a promise from Angela! :-) Congrats on your engagement. I cannot wait to see what your wedding pix are going to look like.

  4. beautiful blog! I found your thread on mombloggersclub. It appears our blogs are about the same age. ;) Would love for you to visit mine!

  5. I can’t come here without drooling… sigh.
    I need to start making dinner…

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