my go to: the sink

Last night, after my long, bum day of accomplishing nothing, I couldn’t handle the thought of cooking dinner so I planned on getting take-out. I surprised myself and I’m happy to report that I did whip up a nice, nutritious meal of sorts. I did something.

Some tricks of the trade. This is how you keep a toddler busy when you need to cook. THE SINK. the magic sink. Mateo is obsessed.

sinks & toddlerssinks and toddlerstoddlers and sinksYes, the child is wearing a backpack. As per his own request. He’s a funny little man.

After seeing these photos, my dad reminded me of a video he caught of my brother Seth playing at the kitchen sink when he was one. My dad was taping him for a whole minute before realizing it was a BOOK that Seth was dunking in the soapy sink water. The fascination with water lives on another generation. Feel free to flash back and watch that “excitement” here.

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13 Thoughts on “my go to: the sink

  1. Well duh. Everyone knows that it’s de rigueur to wear a backpack when you’re playing at the sink! :-) The video of Seth was sweet, too. It was just a moment ago that he was that little. Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

    • It’s amazing how time just marches on. The days are long and the years are short, aren’t they?!

  2. Rachel:

    It is particularly cute when Mateo echoes back to you and your family’s childhood because it all takes place in the same home. I loved the pics and video!

  3. Cathy Clark:

    Aravis was a water baby at this age – she loved water from just about anything – drinking fountains at the park – water squirting ALL over using her little thumb and squealing with glee, sink, tub, etc.

    • Oh yes, I recognize it all. Water is Mateo’s Happy place. That and parks. And snacks. And bubbles. And trains. ha :)

  4. rox:

    so adorable! the backpack seriously makes these photos!

  5. What a sweetie! I can’t wait until Amelie starts helping out around the house instead of just making mess ;)

    • OH, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he’s doing much HELPING…but he is a sweetie. I’ll give him that. :)

  6. He’s so darn cute and yes, I was wondering why he was wearing a backpack, lol.

    • No rhyme or reason to a toddler, ha. :) So happy that you stopped by, Tristan! :)

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