my mother is beautiful


My mother and I are very different people. We think differently, we grew up differently, we care about different things. It’s okay. I love that woman. She is ridiculously proud of me and so in love with her grandboy, Mateo.

I’ve been told that I took more energy to raise than my other three siblings combined. I’ve been told that I was an easy baby and an intense, spirited child. And no one needs to remind me of how much I struggled to grow up.

After I became a mother myself, I had an immediate, newfound understanding and appreciation for my own mother. It’s only grown since then. We may be different but she has felt my pain and my joy like no one else.

My mother is brave, tenacious, and beautiful.

I love you mom. Thank you for never giving up on me.


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10 Thoughts on “my mother is beautiful

  1. Beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day, Henna!

    • Thank you :) Happy Mother’s Day to you toooooo! xo

  2. Jaehi:

    This post is sooo special. Thank you! This indeed is an exceptional Mother’s Day. For some reason I am thinking of a special B-day party you created for me in your closet ( you must have been 6 years old)..that also was one of a kind special day also ;)

    I love you! You had immense potential even as a child and I am witnessing that potential being expressed! Love your blog! Every morning the first thing I do is check what pleasant surprise you have in store for me to read and to feast my eyes with your photography especially on that grand baby of mine…

  3. Faith:

    Happy mother’s day to you, too – a mama who’s cuddly, creative, spontaneous & always, always enthusiastic. Mateo is so blessed to have you.

    • aww, thank you Faith! It feels funny that it’s MY holiday as well. Wow, I’m a mama too! :) Mateo said “Happy Day” to me, hehhe. :)

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Henna! Your mom is a beaut. You’re right. After becoming a mom myself it made me appreciate my mother that much more. The best and hardest job I’ve ever had.

    • Thanks Sisillia! And a very Happy Mother’s Day to you tooo! Isn’t it amazing, it’s such an AH HA moment as soon as you become a mother yourself. I loved my mama before, but I’m so much more grateful now!

  5. Mary K:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Henna and Aunt Jaehi! Henna, that last picture made me laugh…oh what we have to look forward to with the teenage years, haha. These toddler years are precious (I need to remind myself of that). I love reading about everything Mateo is doing/ saying these days. This blog is awesome. Just saying.

    • awww, thanks Mary! Happy mother’s day to youuuuu! BTW, oh man…I wish I took photos (of the photos)…I found some Ah-ma-zing pics of us together. As in amazingly embarrassing. You know, us as teens being “super cute” and posing. :) Good times! ;)

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