new hair & i’m off to see the world


It’s not just Mateo who’s sporting a new ‘do (toddler mohawk post!) around here. My lovely locks are much lighter, about seven inches shorter to be exact-ish. And I’m loving it. My dream hair is messy, textured hair and I’ve been cursed with perfectly straight, shiny hair. I know, what a horrible lot in life. I understand  there are worse things, but we all wish for what we don’t have. My NEW hair is super and unevenly layered to messy “perfection.”

The longest layers are long enough to reach just past my shoulders so maybe it’s not technically a short cut. I can still sport the “pony.” My “hair stylist” (AKA friend with scissors) kept saying that I have the-hair-of-four-people. So I guess I’m down to the hair of 1 & 1/2 people. A more reasonable amount.

You want to see more? Oh, don’t you worry. Of course I had a little hair photo shoot this weekend. Of course. I’ll sort through those photos and post them here soon-ish.

I’m also off to take my passport photo. (As soon as it stops raining). That means we can “officially document” this choppy ‘do for the next decade. I’m a little sentimental about getting a new passport. My old one just expired so I’ll be traveling with an empty book this summer. Old passport, you’ve served me well. So many memories, so many good times. New era, new era. :)

I wanna say THANK YOU for your response to Monday’s post. Your comments on the blog, on facebook, to my email, and even the phone really touched me. xo

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4 Thoughts on “new hair & i’m off to see the world

  1. Love it! Do you take your own photos? Love this shot!

    • Yep, do take my own photos….but for this one, I SHOULD give a little photo credit to Aki. He was technically holding the camera :) I set up a shot, set up the camera how I want it, then take a photo with Aki in frame to show how I want and then I jump in. Very spontaneous stuff. ;) Shoulda married a photographer…


  2. JaeHi:

    Great photo! You look like you are ready for adventure!

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