outside: let’s live here for a bit

It’s Spring but not quiiiite “Spring” yet in Chicago. We’re close though! The hard edge of winter has finally softened and the sun has been SHINING. Mateo and I have been taking advantage. Lately you can find us at the park.

I can’t wait until we’re eating outside and opening the windows. It’s just around the corner.

auberge de soleil, napa valley

via: Auberge de Soleil, Napa Valley, CA | nowness.com


How fun would it be if we rented this place for the weekend? Who’s in? Does anyone know how to play Spanish guitar? YOU are totally in. Throw open all the windows and doors and let’s just enjoy all of that fresh air.


Anyone else daydream themselves away? I have mucho practice. ;) I have a whole board called, “let’s live here for a bit” if you ever want to try on something life. And OH man, when the wanderlust really hits, I have a board, “let’s go everywhere“ that should tide you over. Going everywhere is my favorite thing. :)



                      . . .

spring craft

Before you go off and have that GREAT WEEKEND, check out this gorgeousness! Mateo started a Friday art class today. (We like art around here. He’s in a Wednesday art “class” as well). I helped direct a bit, but I think we can still call this a Mateo original.

I was afraid he’d be too young for an art class but I’m glad we signed up! At this age, it’s really art “exploration.” Of course, his favorite part is playing in the park before & after class, but I think he enjoyed the ART as well. :)

MY favorite part is that we are busy all morning and by the time we come home, he’s happy, exhausted and ready for his nap. I’m hoping that we can bring a picnic lunch to eat outside after class next week.

I don’t know that I’m the type of mom who’s going to save all of his masterpieces (at least until he asks) but I would like to remember these moments, and save them for him. So we’re saving it on the old blog.

Woulda been cuter if Mateo was holding his flower, but he’s napping. Sorry folks.


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5 Thoughts on “outside: let’s live here for a bit

  1. Rachel:

    Andrew was so tired too! I likethe idea of keeping a digital portfolio of art made vs. Keeping every last scrap of paper. Andrew wants to display his on the fridge for now

  2. Henna, your Pinterest boards are so dreamy! I can’t wait to do some real-life travelling.

    It’s amazing that Mateo is “experimenting” with art. My sister started taking lessons when she was quite young too and today art is her main occupation. Even if Mateo will not grow up to be the next Michelangelo he will definitely thank you for getting him into the amazing word of creating, painting, and making gorgeous paper flowers! ;)

    • his first art class, he came home covered head to foot in paint, ha. he also managed to get paint on two OTHER children. Yes, he’s definitely “experimenting.” haha. :)

  3. Marie:

    Cute flower! Kids art are the cutest. ;)


  4. I’m in Michigan, and our bitter cold is wearing off too…still can’t decide if it wants to be Spring or not, but definitely warming up!

    What a gorgeous house!!


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