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my-sister-is-hereYou know how it would be kinda a bummer to have a YOUNGER (12 years), TALLER (three inches), THINNER (yeah) version of yourself walking around? Meet my baby sister, Elizabeth. Except it’s not a bummer! She also happens to be the sweeter, more patient, and calmer version of me. She’s the best and Mateo adores his “Auntie.” A-D-O-R-E-S.  She’s like a second little mama/big sister to him.

I wished for a sister for years (I have two younger brothers) and finally when I was 12, I got my wish. :) Of course, the age gap meant we didn’t have many years together in the same house. I was probably more of a “cool aunt” (or so I’d like to think, ha) than a sister.

The past two years, we’ve been given another chance to bond as sisters. She’s lived with us in Chicago (to be part of a school program). It’s been a crazy two years (Mateo was born and Elizabeth had to adjust to being away from our parents who she’s super close to). BUT, it’s also been really fun getting to know her now as an 18 year old. I’ll have to do a real post about that another time.

Our amazing parents, as a special (high school) graduation present, got her a ticket to come and spend our last month in Croatia together! Whohoo! :) She’s HERE! In Croatia!sistersThis is actually the second time we’ve spent a month in Europe together as sisters. When she was eleven years old (just a baby!), I was living in Barcelona with a Spanish family as an au pair. The family invited her to come spend a month with us in Spain. The answer to such an invitation should always be YES! ;) (or in that case, SIIIIIII!). We had so much fun bonding then and I can’t wait to make more memories this summer in Croatia! :)spain-sistersOH, and Aki and I had a date last night while Mateo slept at home. Thanks Auntie! ;)

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9 Thoughts on “sister sister

  1. Yay! What a special time for all of you! :-)

    • It’s really great to have Elizabeth here! She really is part of our little family. :) And you KNOW Mateo missed her a TON! :)

  2. Angela:

    If I were a jealous person, this would make me jealous. :) But alas, I’m not! You two are lovely, lovely girls! Have fun!

  3. Crystal:


  4. Yay for sisters! Love mine like there’s no tomorrow! Hope you’re having lots of fun in the sun together!

    Maria xx

  5. Valerie:

    Lizzy could not be lovelier! Both as a 14-year-old (when I knew her) and especially now. xo to both of you!

  6. ah how lovely! you girls will have the best time. it’s funny how an age gap when you’re younger feels massive and then seems like nothing at all when you’re older.
    have fun ladies :)

  7. Catherine:

    Hahaha, I like how you’re proudly displaying the picture of you completely suffocating poor Elizabeth in that Spain picture. And now, she could be the one giving you a suffocating hug. :)
    Enjoy your time together!

    • hahaha. She may be the taller one now…but pretty sure I still maintain the “suffocating one” role. ;)

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