sorry internet. crossing a line. no going back now.

Alright it’s official, I am joining the ranks of all of the baby mamas making (unsolicited) shares around baby bodily functions. ughh. Why would anyone do that? I’m aware, and apologizing. Hopefully that does something for you.

Just this once. I can’t help myself.

So, Mateo isn’t potty trained. But he is hilarious. This little anecdote is going to be filed away in the “kids say the darndest things” folder.

Mateo toddler

sorry Mateo, sorry internet. there’s no turning back now.

                             . . .

ME: Mateo, are you pooping?

MATEO: yeah.

ME: ughh, why don’t you go on the potty?!

MATEO: poppy?

(I dump the “you know” from his diaper into the toilet. He flushes the toilet and looks inside the bowl).


                             . . .

Amazing. Where did that come from? Ciao ciao poo poo?! I’m pretty sure I love that child just a *little* bit more. Way to class up the situation, kiddo. ;)

Mateo usually saves “ciao ciao” for his Croatian grandparents on Skype. (“chow chow”= good-bye. Yeah, you know that already). Andrija speaks to Mateo in Croatian. Most of Aki’s family, including parents and sister are there. Now honestly, I don’t know whether “ciao ciao” is common in typical Serbo-Croatian but Aki’s region of Croatia (Dalmatia) is on the coast across from Italy and you know how language is…it absorbs and mixes with whatever it comes into contact with. Oh Languages. <3

I think Mateo has noticed how much I love the “Ciao ciao.” The last couple days he’s been working it in around me. Saturday night I had Mateo with me at a friend’s house. Aki picked him up for his bedtime, and I stayed. Before they drove off, Mateo from his carseat said “Mama, Ciao Ciao!” Such a smooth little man. haha. He knows what he’s doing.

For the same reason, Mateo used to howl like a wolf a lot around me. Best trick ever in my book. Oww, owww-ooohhhh! Literally, instead of yelling “mama” in the morning when he’d wake up, he’d stand in his crib and howl like a wolf. Yeah…awesome. Looking back, he probably got better results than yelling “MAMAAAA.” Mama loves her sleep.

TEASER — these are “BEFORE” photos. Before a haircut. Mateo has a toddler mohawk! hehe. “AFTER” photos coming in a post soon! ;)

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12 Thoughts on “sorry internet. crossing a line. no going back now.

  1. Gifford Neill:

    I stopped by. Love from your Grandpa

  2. Angela:

    Love it. He’s sooo European. But, yeah… don’t take this as a hint to become the mom that talks about baby poop and vomit on facebook. ha.

    Can’t wait for the mohawk post! ;)

    • hahaha. You know how it goes, once you cross a line…

      jk. PRETTY sure this as much as I’m sharing.

      baby stylist, baby hair dresser, Oh Angela, I see a future here for us… ;)

  3. Haha!!! I can’t wait for Cruz to start talking. Stories like this are so cute and funny. I also am looking forward to the Mohawk post. Cruz grew a natural Mohawk and my mom hates it haha! It stands up straight on its own even.

    • ha, sounds like that kid was born awesome. ;) Love it.

  4. Oh please. Show me a mom who doesn’t talk about baby poop and I’ll show you a mom who’s not a mom. OK, that doesn’t actually make sense (unless you get really esoteric and deep…and even then, no…), but you know what I mean. I love that he’s speaking Italian/Croatian/English. Also, I love that you’re continuing the tradition of having walnuts and a walnut opener at your house. I remember your parents used to always have a bowl of walnuts.

    • haha, a simple truth of becoming a mother, huh. Just last week, I was thinking…”really? you NEED to share this?” And look at me, cannot hold myself back. I get it, I get it. haha ;) These photos were taken at my friend, Angela’s house…although YES, totally a tradition worth keeping. :) I have fond memories of that bowl as well :)

  5. lol that is too cute…the ‘ciao ciao’ part that is, not the poopy ;)

    • hopefully more “ciao ciao” and less poopy in the future on the blog? I’m with ya…haha ;)

  6. Mateo, I want to squeeze your cheek. Ciao Ciao poo poo! Hehehehe. Seriously dying over his cuteness.

    • go ahead! that’s what chubby baby cheeks are for, right?! :)

  7. Hilarious! He’s adorable =)

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