gotta love a baby who can jig

hipster baby

Shirt: TODAVÍA VIVO CON MIS PADRES  (translation: I still live with my parents)

From the looks of it, he’s pretty proud too. That’s right. Don’t mind if I do a little jig. Oh Mateo, you little hipster baby.

I think most people know that I take lots of photos of this guy. I used to for sure. For some reason I’ve fallen off, but like I said in my last post…let’s document things! So why am I digging into summer right now? The problem with taking lots of photos is that I haven’t SEEN most of them. I take them, I dump them on a hard drive, and plan  on sorting and editing later. After awhile the task became so monumental, I just left them. I’m starting to sort through the mess and I’ll share photos as I go. It’ll be sharing life out of order, but that’s okay. We’ll be doing lots of that around here.

I found this gem today and although it’s not the best quality photo in the whole wide world, it made me laugh out loud. It’s a keeper and I thought I’d pass along the chuckle.

photo taken: September 1, 2012

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7 Thoughts on “gotta love a baby who can jig

  1. Angela:

    ha. his face! what might he be thinking? “this travelling business is pretty super?”

  2. See, when I see this, I don’t see a jig, I hear, “Oppa Gangnam Style…” :-) He’s too cute for words.

    Regarding photos: yes, they can be a monumental task. I recommend that you just tackle it a little at a time, after the little guy goes to bed. Weed through the jpegs and put the ones you want to do something with (print out, blog, email to relatives etc.) in a separate folder).

    • Bahaha, amazing. That’s all I can see now too :) And yes, re: photos – little by little seems to be the key with so many things in life, huh.

  3. Tom Neill:

    Looks like a little bit of the Neill Irish is showing through!

    • Hmm, is he dancing Gangham style, doing an Irish jig, or maybe the traditional Croatian Kolo dance? :) He is quite the multicultural boy, after all. haha.

  4. I’m guilty of this too! I take dozens of pics, have the best intentions, but then they just sit on my camera or computer for way to long :)
    Such a cute pic!

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