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this one is for the grandparents: 19 months

baby suspendersBefore Mateo was born, I had big ideas of taking monthly (possibly weekly?) photos of the little bear and saving all of his milestones along with every photo. Then I realized that I didn’t know how to use my fancy camera, that babies don’t usually cooperate in “photo shoots,” and that I was mighty tired. (and a bit  unorganized). I did take photos (almost) every month but I barely edited any of them. I threw a few on facebook, but honestly most are lost somewhere on my giant hard drive. Shame, shame.

The IDEA was to create a fun photo book to remember that first crazy whirlwind of a year and print off copies for all of the grandparents as well.

For those of you who are awesome and have accomplished taking photos of your children *and* making them into photo books, you guys rock. I see you all over the internet. I wish I was that awesome. Mateo’s grandparents wish I was too. Sorry Noni, Papa, Baka, and Dida.

So Mateo is 19 months old. And hey, now we have the blog! As I said in my introductory post, “let’s document things!” (totally just quoted myself). It’s time to record a few things for the grandparents, and for Mateo to be able to look back one day.

I’ve learned a lot more about my camera since Mateo was born which helps since he’s still not huge fan of photo shoots most of the time. Paparazzi are annoying. I get that.

baby suspenders, 19 months

HERE’S WHAT’S UP @ 19 months (that’s a year & 1/2 + 1 month in normal time):

You flew to Florida to visit your cousins (highlights were being able to run around outside without a jacket and digging in every patch of sand you could find).

In FL you wore a sun hat, fedora, or sunglasses almost the entire time. Um, LOVE that. Last year we couldn’t get you to keep a hat on your head for more than 2 seconds. This year you realize that cute accessories are sometimes practical. You hate the sun glaring in your eyes, and whenever it does, you yell “EYES.”

You were amazing on the plane and I thank you very much. Please let that be a foreshadow to our trip to Europe this summer.

You’re starting to become a very affectionate boy. (at least with mama). You kiss and hug me all the time and I love it. I’ve been WAITING for this!

You LOVE being outside (“Ow-SIGH”) and try to break out of “inside” any chance you get.

You had your first Easter Egg hunt with your buddy, Lawrence. You RAN out there with your basket and I was so proud of what a big boy you were…haha, you were actually making a b-line for a pinecone. You kicked a few eggs, threw a few others, but mainly picked up pine cones. You crack me up. :)

You seriously hate coats, but you’re okay with mittens.

baby-suspenders-focusedYou LOVE playgrounds and especially slides. It’s your happy place.

You know how to eat with a fork and a spoon but you still make a ridiculous mess.

You love elephants, giraffes, and trains (choo choo). The Elmo obsession is still strong but “grouch” and “cookie” are sneaking up. (Oscar the grouch and Cookie Monster). side note: You call Big Bird “Apple” for some reason.

If you see me on Pinterest, you insist that I search for and show you photos of “booo” (making the noise of an elephant while lifting your arm as a trunk) or a “waff.” (giraffe). Apparently you don’t care about fashion, interior design or photography as much as I do. That’s okay, I’m glad you “get” Pinterest. ;)

You have taken to calling yourself “you” and like to point to “you” whenever you want something or feel that injustice has happened to “you.”

You’ve been taking the bus a lot with Tata (Aki) and me but you prefer the train a lot more. You love downtown because of all of the elevated trains. (Choo! Choo!!).

You really like pockets. Coat pockets, pants pockets, sweater pockets…

You have a step stool that you like to push around to give yourself a little height boost. I really have to watch you though because you really do push it around everywhere.

You and Tata (“Dad” in Croatian) are no longer on a first name basis. Phew, looks like that was just a phase. BUT, whenever we are having a serious conversation and not paying attention to you, you yell “AKIIIII” and it totally makes us stop, look at you and laugh. Clever boy!

It’s so funny how (without fail) whenever you see a squirrel, or truck, or a train, bus, or plane you always look at me and say, “more.” I don’t quite have the power you think I have. ;)


It should be mentioned that although I don’t really like Mateo watching TV or movies, in order to take these photos, I absolutely put on the movie, “Cars” so he wouldn’t run away. I admit it. And it Totally worked. Too bad I didn’t catch him smiling, or ever really figure out the right exposure for taking photos in front of a sunny window…but whatever, I’m glad I turned on the TV and captured him at 19 months. He looked mighty dapper in his handsome outfit.

Because it seems that quite a few people land on this page by googling “toddler suspenders” or “baby suspenders” I thought I should add that Mateo’s pants (and attached suspenders) are from Zara. I don’t know whether his particular trousers are in stock or not, but they always carry some adorable version of shorts or pants with suspenders. So go and put some suspenders on your baby!



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