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baby clogs A.K.A. Mateo’s dancing shoes

So here goes a post about nothing too substantial, really. And yet, pretty sure it’s important that I share THIS with the world. Well, at least with you guys. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure  this is the kinda stuff that you want to be in-the-know about. ;)dancing-shoesThese little wooden clogs have become a part of Mateo’s daily routine around here. We found them on a shelf, along with some other knick-knacks when we arrived. Maybe someone’s souvenir from a trip to Holland? I doubt anyone ever meant for them to be worn (they were actually clipped together), but Mateo begged to differ. He figured out they are JUST HIS SIZE, ha! He now calls them “Teo’s shoes” and keeps them safe in a cupboard.

A least once a day he opens up the cupboard and breaks these bad boys out. Cracks us up. Every time.baby-clogsHe’s gotten pretty good at “clogging” over the past month. He used to just stand in them and laugh, holding onto the bed for balance. Lately he’s been dancing in them (a sort of a jig)—he turns, taps, shuffles himself around, and sometimes does a version of skating (between crashes to the floor). :)baby-clogs-and-suspendersHe’s happy when he’s wearing his clogs. Everyone needs a good pair of dancing shoes. ;)


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