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a beautiful day in Italia

toddler wedding outfit: toddler suspendersWe’re in Italy! Specifically we’re in the Lazio region just outside of Umbria. It’s beautiful. Today we attended the most beautiful wedding…ever. Really, absolutely beautiful. Congrats to my cousin Justin and to his gorgeous Italian bride Irene! xoxoxo.

So much family, so much delicious food and wine and incredible scenery. I have so many more photos, and so many more little details to share, but right now I’m exhausted!italian-wedding-garden

Mateo’s highlights: For sure playing in the aftermath of all the rice thrown at the bride and groom after they exited the church. :) Mateo got pretty excited and demanded “me throw rice too.” :) He also approved of the jazz band at the garden reception. :) And the pasta of course. Good times.

italian-wedding---riceitalian-weddingWe have so many photos but it’s rare to catch all three of us in the same shot! This is definitely a day I want to remember — so glad we snuck in a few family portraits. :)family portrait with a toddler: Italian wedding(thank you SO much to my sister, Elizabeth for taking these).

baby clogs A.K.A. Mateo’s dancing shoes

So here goes a post about nothing too substantial, really. And yet, pretty sure it’s important that I share THIS with the world. Well, at least with you guys. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure  this is the kinda stuff that you want to be in-the-know about. ;)dancing-shoesThese little wooden clogs have become a part of Mateo’s daily routine around here. We found them on a shelf, along with some other knick-knacks when we arrived. Maybe someone’s souvenir from a trip to Holland? I doubt anyone ever meant for them to be worn (they were actually clipped together), but Mateo begged to differ. He figured out they are JUST HIS SIZE, ha! He now calls them “Teo’s shoes” and keeps them safe in a cupboard.

A least once a day he opens up the cupboard and breaks these bad boys out. Cracks us up. Every time.baby-clogsHe’s gotten pretty good at “clogging” over the past month. He used to just stand in them and laugh, holding onto the bed for balance. Lately he’s been dancing in them (a sort of a jig)—he turns, taps, shuffles himself around, and sometimes does a version of skating (between crashes to the floor). :)baby-clogs-and-suspendersHe’s happy when he’s wearing his clogs. Everyone needs a good pair of dancing shoes. ;)

Venetian memories

Venice, Italy with a toddler - baby suspendersI’m in panic-attack mode because I’ve been saying that we’re leaving “in two weeks” (plenty of time  to do…well, whatever needs to be done before you leave the country for over two months. Right?). But time isn’t static, and I’ve been saying “two weeks” for over a week now. (Of course I’m also prone to procrastination and dramatization of my feelings).

Oh funny thing TIME — yes, it keeps marching on…and WHOA, we’re actually leaving in LESS than a week. What??! And most of our days are already spoken for until we leave. And I still have to pack. And I still need to get summer clothes for Mateo. (he grew! what?!). And I still need to organize my laptop. And is there still time to get in shape for summer?? ha. There’s still LOTS to DO. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Except that I’m not running around, I’m kinda just sitting on the internet trying to breathe because I’m not sure where to start. I’m pretty sure it’ll be okay.Venice, Italy with a toddler / traveling with a baby (eek, baby suspenders)Our last big trip (out of the country) was last fall when Mateo was 12 months old. It was new territory. We didn’t know how we would manage “the baby schedule,” the actual travel, his food, his napping, jet lag, all that. It was new territory. Did I say that already? New.

Travel is one thing; travel with a baby companion is another. It could have gone well, or it could have been incredibly stressful. We were gone for three weeks in Croatia (plus a day-trip to Venice, Italy). In those three weeks we shuttled through two days of flights (including an overnight stay in Stockholm on the way home), a road trip, and a ferry boat. And you know what?! It was FANTASTIC! It ended up being one of our favorite travel experiences EVER. Yup, with a one year old. So much so that this year we’ve decided to go for two months + 10 days.baby suspenders. Venice, ItalyBut yeah, I should get on the packing or at least list making. I spent yesterday afternoon listening to Spanish talk radio and looking through photos of that trip. That was the formula to calm me down. It’s so fun to relive memories. Wow, I can’t believe I never went through the photos! I do that.Mateo & Tata in Venice, ItalyYou know how I said that the trip was all super fantastic? Well it was, EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE DAY IN VENICE. Oh Mateo. The little man did not find Venice romantic at all. And made sure  that Aki and I didn’t either. :) There was no napping that day. There was no sitting at cute cafes like we normally did. There were no slow gondola rides. Instead we ate on the go and tried to stay away from the rest of the tourists. Mateo was a grumpy little bear.Venice, Italy with a toddlerOH that boy tried my patience! But you know what’s funny? I love the few photos that we took that day. It reminds me that there were some good times. And distance makes the stressful moments kinda humorous. Anyway, we definitely got some great photos. That’s important, right? :)

Ya gotta have a sense of humor. Especially when you’re raising a toddler. ;)Grumpy toddler. Traveling in Europe.napping in Venice, Italy. no way!Venetian highlights according to Mateo:

Marching through the stone streets was amazing (he had only been walking a couple months).

He loved the bakery pastries and sandwiches (even if we would have rather been eating fresh pasta at a restaurant with a glass of wine).

He was fascinated by the local boys playing soccer in a little square we wandered into (and even tried  to join in, ha. No luck though. One day!).

Trying to reach the canals was a fun challenge (even if it nearly gave Aki a heart attack).

The bright red fire hydrants were awesome (even if in hindsight, they may have been awesome to local dogs as well).

The boats were fascinating (as long as he didn’t have to be stuck on one).

And really, he was happiest at the local parking garage. Did you know the Venetian parking garage is super fun? Almost like a playground. Playgrounds are better than Venice. Mateo knows this.traveling with a toddler in Europetraveling with a toddler. Venice, Italyvenice-parking-garagetrying-to-get-a-photo-veniceYOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME. And guys, it’s worth it.

Sure, when it’s VENICE….you know, VEEEENNICCE (Venezia!), it’s hard not to anticipate candle light, gondolas, and old world charm whispering to you softly around every corner. But friends, when you have a babe in tow you have to let some things go, and just go with the flow. We learned Mateo’s limits with that day trip. Our original plans included a drive on to Rome or Vienna (weren’t sure which) but we nixed those plans. You have to be flexible. Instead we stayed a few more days in the Istrian region of Croatia (wine country! truffle country! yes please country!) and had an amazing visit with Aki’s sister and family and even ended up being there for the birth of Mateo’s youngest cousin! Right decision.venice-smileWhenever I travel, I try not to stress myself. I try to enjoy the moment. Travel is your time to enjoy the moment and be present. Sometimes that means letting go of your plans and if everything doesn’t fit…there’s always “next time.” I’d rather believe that there is a “next time” than stress myself out. I’ve been to Paris and never to the Louvre. I’ve been to Vatican City and never seen the Sistine Chapel. Next time! :) PS, woulda seen the Sistine Chapel but turns out we were standing the wrong line. Oops. Yeah, next time.Henna and Mateo in Venice, ItalyThe moral of the story is, not every moment of traveling with a baby is going to be stress-free. But if you hang out with babies with any regularity, you know that “real life” with them isn’t stress-free either. So if you have the chance to go away to somewhere beautiful, DO IT. Don’t be afraid to travel with a baby companion! :)

One bum grumpy day out of three weeks isn’t a bad average. If you have to be grumpy, Venice isn’t a bad backdrop. :)toddler suspenders! the boys in Venice, Italy

**if you haven’t already, GO ON and “LIKE” our Facebook page. Let’s hang out. It’s a place to share extra photos, stories, and keep in touch!

PS  I should take my own advice. Although I do TRY not to stress when I travel, sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to “have an experience” or to capture “the” photo. I want to try to just “be in the moment” and “go with the flow” this trip. I said try. :)

PPS  Ha, anyone notice? I’m wearing the same pants as this style post, and that one. Plus the purse I showed off in the first style post. Totally my go-to travel bag. And yeah, I wear the same clothes all the time guys. And now you know.


hola May!

(Last night in bed)

Aki: blah, blah, blah, blah…and it’s already May 1st tomorrow.

me: WHAT??!! It’s May FIRST tomorrow? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Are you serious? I would have come up with a May 1st post. I love the first of the month.

Aki: you need to learn to use a calendar.

As many of these conversations go – touché Aki, touché.


The boys last year. May, 2012.

As a side note, ^^ those shorts Mateo was wearing last year were so cute I tried to keep stuffing his thighs into them until they were so tight he fell down when he walked. I realized that was probably a line and we retired them. Okay, that was kind of a sad story. They’re cute though, right? :/

                              . . .

SO YEAH, It’s MAY!!! Phew, so glad I caught the first. We’re going to celebrate it every month. We just are. You know this – I like a fresh new month. I hate when I realize the date too late and “mess” it up so early on. Just humor me…

MAY! I’m actually a little pumped. Like a lot. The weather outside is GORGEOUS. It’s been a long winter and the whole city is outside celebrating.

The rest of this week is pretty spectacular. It’s an EXAGGERATED version of my life, which is pretty funny. :) Tomorrow, Mateo and I have BIG plans. We’re off to see a SHOW. Sesame Street Live to be exact. Don’t be jealous! ;) Mateo has been yelling, “ELMO!” at the bus billboards for weeks, ha. We’re going with M’s little bud Lawrence and his mama. Mateo is a big fan, and Aki really wanted him to see this, which cracks me up. I cannot wait to see the boys’ reaction. Will they laugh? Will they dance? Will they cry? :)

Then Friday, eeek, I’m going to the THE WALK, a fancy schmancy fashion gala. Tickets start at $500 so it’s not my usual scene (no way!), but I know some sweeeeet people. I’m going with an awesome friend I haven’t seen in way too long. We are not paying $500, no sir. She knows I love fashion and I’m so thankful she thought of me. We’re going to have a blast! It just really cracks me up that I have a Sesame Street concert and a fashion gala in the same week! Kinda awesome, doncha think? haha, hilarious.

[edit: womp, womp. Looks like the fashiony do-da is OFF. I guess that's more like it, huh. Come on Elmo, you're going to have to anchor this week. ;) Maybe I'll put some make-up on this Friday anyway. Just 'cause. I can be fancy for no reason, right?]

Then this weekend my youngest brother, Seth, is coming into town from California (yay). All four of us siblings will be together! :) Did you know there were four of us? Two boys, two girls. I’m the oldest, but the shortest. They’re tall. I’m 5’7″-5’8″-ish (not short) but they all shot up way past me! We’re all going to go to my friend’s Spring Party party together on Saturday. The weather has changed and that’s a reason to party. Woot, woot!

THEN, skip ahead two weeks and we’re off to Croatia for the summer! Oh please, can my life have more months like May?? (cause seriously, most months around here include a highlight of Thai take-out or sushi). May is blowing this year out of the water! In my dreams we’d be able to spend two months as a family in a different country every year. I’d probably go to more fashion shows too. NOT something I can count on anytime soon, but just putting it OUT THERE! And leaving it out there.

Although I had my little bouts of anxiety here and there, April was a GOOD month. I wanted it to “count” and it did. Since starting this blog, I’ve paid a little bit more attention to my life and have had a little bit more appreciation for it as well.

April showers bring May flowers. Alright May, let’s do this!

it's gonna be glorious - May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013 – Chicago

this one is for the grandparents: 19 months

baby suspendersBefore Mateo was born, I had big ideas of taking monthly (possibly weekly?) photos of the little bear and saving all of his milestones along with every photo. Then I realized that I didn’t know how to use my fancy camera, that babies don’t usually cooperate in “photo shoots,” and that I was mighty tired. (and a bit  unorganized). I did take photos (almost) every month but I barely edited any of them. I threw a few on facebook, but honestly most are lost somewhere on my giant hard drive. Shame, shame.

The IDEA was to create a fun photo book to remember that first crazy whirlwind of a year and print off copies for all of the grandparents as well.

For those of you who are awesome and have accomplished taking photos of your children *and* making them into photo books, you guys rock. I see you all over the internet. I wish I was that awesome. Mateo’s grandparents wish I was too. Sorry Noni, Papa, Baka, and Dida.

So Mateo is 19 months old. And hey, now we have the blog! As I said in my introductory post, “let’s document things!” (totally just quoted myself). It’s time to record a few things for the grandparents, and for Mateo to be able to look back one day.

I’ve learned a lot more about my camera since Mateo was born which helps since he’s still not huge fan of photo shoots most of the time. Paparazzi are annoying. I get that.

baby suspenders, 19 months

HERE’S WHAT’S UP @ 19 months (that’s a year & 1/2 + 1 month in normal time):

You flew to Florida to visit your cousins (highlights were being able to run around outside without a jacket and digging in every patch of sand you could find).

In FL you wore a sun hat, fedora, or sunglasses almost the entire time. Um, LOVE that. Last year we couldn’t get you to keep a hat on your head for more than 2 seconds. This year you realize that cute accessories are sometimes practical. You hate the sun glaring in your eyes, and whenever it does, you yell “EYES.”

You were amazing on the plane and I thank you very much. Please let that be a foreshadow to our trip to Europe this summer.

You’re starting to become a very affectionate boy. (at least with mama). You kiss and hug me all the time and I love it. I’ve been WAITING for this!

You LOVE being outside (“Ow-SIGH”) and try to break out of “inside” any chance you get.

You had your first Easter Egg hunt with your buddy, Lawrence. You RAN out there with your basket and I was so proud of what a big boy you were…haha, you were actually making a b-line for a pinecone. You kicked a few eggs, threw a few others, but mainly picked up pine cones. You crack me up. :)

You seriously hate coats, but you’re okay with mittens.

baby-suspenders-focusedYou LOVE playgrounds and especially slides. It’s your happy place.

You know how to eat with a fork and a spoon but you still make a ridiculous mess.

You love elephants, giraffes, and trains (choo choo). The Elmo obsession is still strong but “grouch” and “cookie” are sneaking up. (Oscar the grouch and Cookie Monster). side note: You call Big Bird “Apple” for some reason.

If you see me on Pinterest, you insist that I search for and show you photos of “booo” (making the noise of an elephant while lifting your arm as a trunk) or a “waff.” (giraffe). Apparently you don’t care about fashion, interior design or photography as much as I do. That’s okay, I’m glad you “get” Pinterest. ;)

You have taken to calling yourself “you” and like to point to “you” whenever you want something or feel that injustice has happened to “you.”

You’ve been taking the bus a lot with Tata (Aki) and me but you prefer the train a lot more. You love downtown because of all of the elevated trains. (Choo! Choo!!).

You really like pockets. Coat pockets, pants pockets, sweater pockets…

You have a step stool that you like to push around to give yourself a little height boost. I really have to watch you though because you really do push it around everywhere.

You and Tata (“Dad” in Croatian) are no longer on a first name basis. Phew, looks like that was just a phase. BUT, whenever we are having a serious conversation and not paying attention to you, you yell “AKIIIII” and it totally makes us stop, look at you and laugh. Clever boy!

It’s so funny how (without fail) whenever you see a squirrel, or truck, or a train, bus, or plane you always look at me and say, “more.” I don’t quite have the power you think I have. ;)


It should be mentioned that although I don’t really like Mateo watching TV or movies, in order to take these photos, I absolutely put on the movie, “Cars” so he wouldn’t run away. I admit it. And it Totally worked. Too bad I didn’t catch him smiling, or ever really figure out the right exposure for taking photos in front of a sunny window…but whatever, I’m glad I turned on the TV and captured him at 19 months. He looked mighty dapper in his handsome outfit.

Because it seems that quite a few people land on this page by googling “toddler suspenders” or “baby suspenders” I thought I should add that Mateo’s pants (and attached suspenders) are from Zara. I don’t know whether his particular trousers are in stock or not, but they always carry some adorable version of shorts or pants with suspenders. So go and put some suspenders on your baby!



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