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around we go again

Oh so boring, I’m sick again. I can’t seem to think straight enough to write, but I can think straight enough to know that I want to go here. Whether HERE is a real place, I’m not as certain. I haven’t been able to track down the original source, just a title of “Forest Carnival, Romania.” Doesn’t it look so lovely? I’m going to go disappear into sleep, and maybe take a ride or two on the ferris wheel. Feel free to join me.

forest carnival romania

If you know the photo source, pipe up. On the other hand, if you know for certain that there is no such place, please feel free to SHUSH. I’m not so interested in facts at the moment. In fact, I’ve already decided that it’s a special carnival that “rises out of the mists every hundred years for only a day.” (Stolen straight from “Brigadoon,” a favorite film of mine as a “wee lass” – yes, movie reference). Was I the only ten year old who loved that 1954 Gene Kelly musical?  Anyone?

And PLEASE…give me your best remedy for a head cold! I am already hopped up on garlic. It’s probably better that we keep our distance for a day or two more.


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