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into the wind

Oh man oh man, we’re back in the “Windy City.” Look, I love my city (Chicago) and I can (totally) handle the weather…buuut, when you march off a plane at 10 pm wearing sandals and a bright pink shirt dress it’s like a slap in the face to hit temps in the high 20s (fahrenheit) and wind that wants to knock you down. I should know better. We have definitely left the “Sunshine State.”

But let’s go with it. The wind is howling and we’re going with it!

This morning I thought of a few images that I love from one of my favorite little Pinterest boards I call, “Into the Wind.” It’s a small collection of images that capture the feeling of facing the wind, sometimes fighting a storm, other times submitting to the universe, laughing into the air, simply stopping for the moment, or just feeling the wind in your hair.

You’re probably noticing that I like to feel  things. Images make me feel. I thought I’d share a couple with you today, and we can discover a couple photographers while we’re at it.


top: Wind by Kate Toluzakova
bottom: After the Water by Daria Dorofeeva

If I could, I’d bring back the sun and warm us up a bit over here. Since I can’t, let’s (try to) appreciate that variety makes us feel something different. I don’t think that I’d like to feel happy and sunny all day every day.

I have lots of photos to sort through from our recent trip to Florida. And yeah, pretty sure everyone just wants to see what Mateo wore. I swear, walking around with that kid is like walking around with a celebrity. I also have a few other posts up my sleeve that I didn’t get to finish before we skipped out of town. Now that we’re back, I’ll get on all of that!

In the meantime, does anyone else have a random Pinterest board they’d like to share? Anyone else collect photos of girls standing in the wind? haha.

source: Flickr: Kate Toluzakova, 500px: Daria Dorofeeva, found via: Pinterest (HENNA BLOSSOM)


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