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surprising Angela: Hen Night on the roof y’all!

day-dreamersAngela is a connector. She’s a magnet for incredibly talented, fun, self-expressed, ambitious, kind, generous, and just extraordinary human beings. No joke. Spending time with her and the people she’s “collected” makes you feel right about the world.

A very lucky (and in his own right, awesome) man knew what he was doing when he scooped that girl up. Mademoiselle Stone is getting married! And so begin the festivities!

This past weekend was Angela’s Hen Night/Bridal Shower. I’m not being dramatic when I say that it was an EPIC night to remember. Every detail  — the food, the decor, the music, the drinks, the people, the ambiance — WAS Angela. The catch? Miss party planner herself was completely in the dark about the whole thing (a difficult task, and it almost killed her, ha).

She was ceremoniously kicked out of her own home Friday morning (promptly at 9 am) and not allowed back until Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Don’t you kinda just love her friends already?

My “job” was to entertain the bachelorette while the rest of the wedding party did their magic.finally-allowed-inI don’t think anyone else could have pulled this off. Nicholas, Kristen, Bladon, Elizabeth and Heather — you may be recognized in the wider world for the professionals/artists/designers that you are, but from here on out you should probably add “Party Planning Virtuoso” to your resumé. Just sayin’.no-clueAfter 31 hours of being locked out, we led Angela up to her rooftop (blindfolded of course). She walked into: 27 vases of fresh green and white flowers (!), white candles, white and cream linens, a hipster bartender (!) serving cocktails, a bubbly server passing hors d’oeuvres, and the kicker – Tupac blasting on full volume.hen-night-party-rooftop-party* that’s me, top row on the right. I think I found my perfect little black dress! <3

A LITTLE WARNING: FOOD LUST AHEAD. Scroll further with caution. If you haven’t eaten yet, you may want to come back later. Like seriously, you will be drooling.

OH the food! There was some SERIOUS love poured into this menu. Guys, you outdid yourselves!Late Summer Party Menu: Angela's Hen NightWe’re all so happy for you Angela! This is your time…and you are very loved! xo

Food by Nicholas & Bladon. Sadly you won’t be able to book them for your next party because they spend their days rocking the Interior Design and Furniture Design worlds respectively. Kristen & Elizabeth, apparently I was too busy eating to snap photos of the Edamame Salad (yum, I was actually the one who finished it) and the Vanilla Buttercream and Salted Caramel Chocolate cupcakes (too good). Seriously though guys, you could easily quit your day jobs and plan/cater parties. Or we can keep you for ourselves. Either way. ;)

Recognize Angela?? Why yes, she IS the same fine lady who gave my baby a MOHAWK, haha! Flash back to that fun (here).

**Oh, and CHECK BACK! There’s mooooore coming. ;)

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