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fall into autumn. even later. pumpkins, oh my. part two.

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Hope everyone stateside (or celebrating abroad) had a Happy Thanksgiving! We did. We ate food, saw family, ate more food. Repeat. And not to be all braggy, but for real, our Thanksgiving spread is always a little bit extra awesome because we have Korean noodles and Korean BBQ beef along side the turkey. And baklava along side the pies for dessert. Sigh, wish there were leftovers…

SO I know everyone’s already singing Christmas songs and rushing to get trees up…but before you completely switch over, WAIT, we have more Autumn to share! Here’s Part two of our second annual trip to Indiana for Pumpkins and Fall Photos. And of course visit Noni & Papa (my parents). ;)

Just your usual December Pumpkin Patch Blog Post! ;) Ya know.

A little late, but moving on. This year was fun because Mateo is truly excited by these special outtings (nothing new) and he remembers them (new!). He’s still talking about the “punkin pash” and the “haywide.” :)

As for the Pumpkin Patch, we told Mateo that he could pick any pumpkin he wanted. He picked a miniature squash and he was done. If you look very closely at the top photos (in the corn maze) you’ll see it clutched in his hands. :) He DID however have fun looking for old rotted pumpkins and yelling “EWWW, yucky punkin” or “GARBAGE PUNKIN!” ;)

Last year he was too tiny to cover much ground. This year, he wandered into the corn maze which was cute stuff. We would have checked out the apple orchard as well but oops, we didn’t check their hours and we ran out of time. Next year! Actually we were alone at the end; caught the very last hayride back. We closed out the pumpkin patch! ;) But really, an hour or so looking for yucky punkins is quite a memory in his book.

If you missed part one, here’s a link to that: fall into autumn part one. And stay tuned. There’s ONE more Fall photo post to sneak in from that weekend way back in October. And OH MAN, it’s DECEMBER already!


another year, another october

october-1-hennaIt’s October already. September was a bit of a reflective month for me. It was busy and it was emotional. Through all the activity, I found myself stepping back a lot. Pausing. I almost felt like an observer in my own life. I’ve been thinking more about planning and being more “intentional” with my time. I’d like to set a few goals. There’s only so much time and OHhhh, there are just so many things I’d like to do and try. I feel like I’m running around in five different directions half the time. I need some focus and direction. This month I’d like to share more of that with you. I hear it helps to share. ;)

I’ve been slooowly going through my backlog of photos. Deleting, organizing, filing. Want to know how behind I am?? These are from LAST October. :) And really, I am going in no particular order. I still have photos to sort from pregnancy, and of course there are still the Croatia files to open! :)

HAPPY OCTOBER. I really love fall. I love boots, I love the coziness, I love the colors, I love “walking weather.” Speaking of! It was actually in the 80s today in Chicago. That’s nice and all, but I’m ready to dust off those boots already!

autumn toddler photooctober-1-3toddler fall photosoctober-1-4

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” ― William Cullen Bryant

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