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cuz and cuz

cousins in summer croatiaTwo American boys hanging out in their fathers’ homeland. :) These two cousins (Tristan, 3 on the verge of turning 4) and Mateo (1 on the verge of turning two) are living it up in Croatia with their Croatian cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents this summer.

Tristan has always called Mateo “cuz” and just today, Mateo started calling Tristan “cuz” right back.

In any given moment, you’ll usually  find these two running, screaming, kicking something, pushing each other, looking for bugs, fighting over cars or LAUGHING…but I caught this ^^ still moment and I can’t help but smile. :) Love it.

Seriously though, how handsome are these two?! (About as handsome as they are trouble). ;)cuz-runningcuz-running-2

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