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the calm to my crazy

Henna & AkiLast night, Aki and I watched a movie called “Friends With Kids.” Quick synopsis — Two BFFs (a girl & a guy) watch their friends’ marriages drown in chaos & bitterness after having children. The tagline for the film is: Love. Happiness. Kids. Pick two. The BFFs don’t want to pick just two. (me neither). In a “brilliant” epiphany they come up with the idea to have a baby together. Certainly they can keep it simple. Baby? CHECK. Now they can go out into the world and find their “person,” and true life romances. Okay, you’re caught up. This post is not about them. Who cares about them.

So we’re watching this movie and at some point, I turn to Aki and say: What if this isn’t my “real” life? What if we aren’t even in our “real lives” yet? Like, what if my “real” life is going to be with someone else?

You should know, when I bring up things like this (not an isolated incident), it’s not because I have anxiety. It’s just an interesting thought. I like interesting thoughts. ‘Cause they’re interesting, right? Although sincerely, should I be wondering out loud to my HUSBAND about who I’m really going to spend the rest of my life with?

And then there’s Aki. He takes nothing I say personally. It really is hard to pierce the confidence of that man. He calmly looked at me and said, “How about we don’t copy the movie.”

Touché Aki, touché. Who knew that was an option? He’s pretty sure that this is our real life. The rest is decidedly uninteresting to him.

So we’re different. I could go on and on about it but the more you hang out with us, the more it’ll be obvious. That’s our life. For us different works. It’s both practical and entertaining to have people with such different talents, abilities, backgrounds, thoughts, and brains on the same team. (that’s Aki’s analogy. “Team” comes up a lot in his world).

I read this post on Jeremy and Kathleen (a blog I have a serious crush on) that said it perfectly. Kathleen is a creative firecracker and Jeremy is this zen engineer. I wonder what that’s like. :) She spelled out their relationship so well, I’m going to just give you her words.  (Just replace “Jeremy” with “Aki”). “So pretty much Jeremy is the left brain to my right. The Greg to my Dharma. The calm to my crazy. The engineer to my artist. He’s the grid to all my crazy colorful wires.”



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