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a few pieces of the puzzle: 20 of ‘em

henna blossom 20 facts

Hey kids! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…nope, not on safari. Just INSTAGRAM. Yeah, like all-over-the-gram. Miss you guys though and miss this space.

So here’s the deal. You’ve missed a lot. Like this H-A-I-R!

I don’t know why, but I suddenly (well not so suddenly) got a blogging block and Instagram opened me up again. I’ve been sharing my life and myself over there. And I’ve found such an amazing community in the process.

I thought I’d catch the blog up a little bit and RE-POST some of the STUFF  I’ve dumped over there. So bear with me if you’ve already read all this. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with lots of fresh and “original” shares soon, ha.

So without further ado. Let’s get back into the blogging groove with a few FACTS about moi.


T W E N T Y  F A C T O I D S


1. American girl. Korean, German, and Irish.

2. Met my husband at a bar on a Wednesday night. You never know when or where you’re going to meet someone who will change your life forever. We ended up dancing until almost 2am. In our work clothes.

3. We married at City Hall. Just us. I was wearing jeans.

4. I cannot go to sleep (no matter how tired) without listening to a story. I’m five, I know.

5. I hate driving. I hate parking more. If I could have one luxury it would be a driver. I feel like I’d say “YES” to life more often.

6. My mother was sick a lot of my childhood so I was independent quite young. (In kindergarten I’d get myself up in the morning as well as my four-year-old brother, get us both dressed, make us breakfast, pack a lunch for school and wait for the school bus). Donno what happened. I am not that independent now. I drag my husband everywhere.

7. I had a nice childhood but I was lonely and rather sad and serious. I get younger, lighter, and happier as I age.

8. I love TED talks.

9. I have moved to both Sweden and Spain for love. Hej, hej! Tjena! Hola que tal?!

10. Then there was the time I took a job as a traveling nanny in Madrid. I found it by googling “how to learn Spanish and live abroad without any money.” They needed someone who spoke English with some Swedish & Spanish. Life is random. You never know when your random interests/talents will be needed.

11. I love spicy. When we go to Europe for longer than two weeks I bring my own hot sauce.

12. I’ve NEVER dated an American guy. How is that even possible ?? Born and raised in the US and I like American men just fine. (shrug) Guess they were never quick enough? ;)

13. I get along with about anyone, open and genuine. I especially love people who are passionate. Doesn’t even matter what you’re passionate about. I feed off of passion.

14. I don’t like talking on the phone. Email me or let’s meet in person.

15. I’m missing a huge chunk of American pop culture. My parents were STRICT. Most of the films I saw were in black and white. I had crushes on Errol Flynn and Carey Grant. I didn’t know who Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts were until I was 13. For real.

16. I don’t second guess myself too often in romance or motherhood. Not that it’s EASY (no way), but I have good instincts for both. Sadly, I am incredibly & cripplingly hard on MYSELF, second guess almost everything I do, and am rarely happy with my work. Not humble, it’s really a very gross character flaw and I’m working on it.

17. I have some serious anxiety issues. I have worked on this part of myself for about 17 years and although it’s prevented me from finishing many many things, it’s become a blessing because I am constantly searching, dreaming, trying, and hoping. I also appreciate how “normal” I am right now (comparitively).

18. When I was 17, I got into concert photography. I dared myself to do something scary. I’d write scrips and then SHAKING in the boots, I’d read my scripts to publicists and somehow I ended up on lists for press passes (literally there were times when it was just the newpaper photogs, the Rolling Stone photog, and ME in the photo pit). Still baffles me a little. It taught me that it’s important to be UNCOMFORTABLE. Also to ask.

19. Being on Instagram and blogging are one of those uncomfortable dares. I’m naturally very private. I am so private and timid sometimes in my life that I NEED to put myself out there. So here I am. HELLO.

20. I still don’t know what I’m going to be “when I grow up.” But I’m getting there.

 .   .   .   .   .

THANK YOU FRIENDS, for supporting me and being so sweet – through the good times, through the fun times, through the low times, and through the awkward times. As ALWAYS feel free to share some of YOUR random facts in the comments. I like me a good random fact!

**And please feel free to find me over on my second home: Instagram. My handle is: hennablossom

life lately (according to my phone & instagram)


Been taking care of myself.  Thinking good thoughts, eating good food.

Taking advantage of this great walking weather. Every. chance. we. get.

Fun at a “weswan wif warns” (restaurant with Lawrence). Mateo missed his buddy. When we arrived, he ran up to Lawrence and said “Happy see you Warns!” I’m definitely coming back to this spot: Grandma J’s Local Kitchen in Humboldt Park. Great food, and stocked with games and toys!

Little thrifting, Little Fall shopping.

“Nature Class” for the city kids. They literally learned to hug trees last week ^^ :)

Sunday Brunch (just the three of us) @Prasino in Wicker Park. Mateo remembered the French Toast he ate with Lawrence (@Grandma J’s Local Kitchen) earlier in the week. He knew exactly what he wanted when our server came by. Before we got a chance to give our orders, this little one belts out, “FRENCH TOAST! Tank youuuuuu.” :)

My crazy-pants self is digging some crazy pants. I think I figured out how to fashionably wear PJs in public. Pretty sure I’m pulling it off…

OH, that’s why people take selfies. Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. ;)

I’m loving Instagram lately. (That and Pinterest). I loooove visual inspiration. It’s my jam. There are so many interesting/inspiring people to follow and it’s just a fun way to document daily LIFE. I don’t know why I took so long to get into it. Oh yeah, I was really private. Yeah, really. I’ve actually had an account for over two years, I just hated that it was public. Ha, and now I have a blog. Go figure. I don’t get it either. I’m a woman of extremes, what else can I say? In any case, I’m IN. I’m posting.

Follow me! (here). My feed is @hennablossom. Get ready, I’m super original, man. I post my food, my kid, and throw in a selfie here and there. Who doesn’t want in on THAT?? Ground-breaking stuff. ;)

Let me know if you have a favorite person/photographer/designer to follow! Life is messy, tiring, and complicated (I know). But it’s also beautiful, sweet, charming and delicious. I like building reasons to see the latter.