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napping baby series: day two

sleeping-baby: toddler jet lagWhat’s going on here? NO, this isn’t going to become a sleeping baby journal. YES, I am posting a photo of Mateo napping for a second day in a row. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I mean…it’s cute stuff, right? I think this blog can handle another nap.

Yesterday when Mateo fell asleep IN THE MIDDLE OF EATING LUNCH, that “nap” lasted fifteen hours. Yeah. Whoa baby. Looks as though we’ve got a jet lagged boy on our hands.

Today he fell asleep in my bed watching Dumbo (his new obsession). And we’ll just see. Maybe today his little body knows that this is just a nap — and that we’re supposed to go downtown to visit a friend we’ve missed very much while we were traveling. I donno, we’ll see! Exciting stuff around here, huh. ;)

Alright, that’s all I have for you today. Just another (adorable) jet lag baby. OH, if you are wondering about the white (dreamy) haze above little Mateo in this photo…that is just a piece of white paper I held in front of the camera. Pretty cool, right?



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