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happy half valentine’s day

HUH? Yeah, Happy HALF-Valentine’s-Day. It’s been six months, and that’s HALF a year (like a half birthday).hearts

If you know me, you know I’m not actually  particularly into Valentine’s Day (or birthdays or really any of these “special” days). I’m not NOT into them. In fact, it’s a goal of mine to try harder in that department. They’re good excuses to be creative & loving. It’s fun. I just naturally prefer random things (and days) to get excited about.

We really never celebrated holidays or exchanged presents when I was a kid. I used to exchange homemade “un -birthday” presents and special cards filled with stickers and secret notes with my best friend. THAT was fun. No pressure, no expectation. And really, I don’t plan so well. Holidays (like everything) just sorta sneak up on me. :)

BUT, this past Valentine’s day was special. Aki gave me the best present ever. He gave me THIS BLOG. He registered the name, picked a generic theme and told me it was mine.my-very-first-blog-postSix months and 1001 changes later, it is absolutely the gift that keeps giving. This blog has become a real part of my life. I don’t know if I would have ever pulled the trigger and gotten started. I was too self-conscious, too private, too…not ready.

I love that Aki knows me and believes in me. I don’t need extra things on “particular days.” But Aki knows  me and he believes in me and he likes “particular days.” He knows that what I really desire (and what makes me happy) is to learn and to be creative.

For my 29th birthday he gave me my first nice camera. The following Christmas he gave me a 50mm lens for my camera. For Mateo’s first birthday, he said I needed a regular babysitter so I could have time for myself. And this past Valentine’s Day he gave me this blog.


Thank you Aki. I don’t need presents, but your support and belief in me has helped my confidence grow so much over these past couple years. I really am happier. I love that I’m learning and that I’m on a path. Thank you for the tools, and thank you for the PUSH.creativityAnd you know, maybe I can be swayed on the present thing…it’s not so bad. I have my eye on a few pretty things, ha. Don’t worry, Aki…you have six more months until Valentine’s Day. No pressure. ;)

So Happy HALF Valentine’s Day everyone. And HAPPY SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY, little blog.

THANK YOU (so, so much) to YOU GUYS who have been following along. Really. It’s incredibly special (and amazing) to me to have you all on the other side of the screen. I love hearing from you and appreciate every visit. Thank you, thank you! On to the next Six months!  It’s QUITE a festive, “special day” celebration around here, isn’t it?!


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