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…and sometimes you just don’t want your picture taken.

I’m FINALLY sorting through photos from our mini vacation in Florida. After being back home for a week it already feels like ages ago. I think the weather gap makes it even more so.

One of the funny things about going through (my) photos is how many “outtakes” there are. I thought I’d share a couple since I get so many comments about Mateo in his photos. People think that he just hams it up for the camera. Nah, he’s a normal toddler. He’d much rather be playing.


Oh, we have plenty of these too. ^^ Just because mama sees a photo-op doesn’t mean that Mateo is in the mood. Usually he’s not. I kinda love Aki’s expressions in these, haha. He’s definitely giving off the “Are you serious, Henna?” vibe. I’m almost certainly pushing, “just one more” and “maybe could you move a little to the left?” Thanks darling for playing along.

Don’t worry guys, the baby is okay. Toddlers are moody creatures and easily distracted. The photo below was taken just minutes after the misery above on the right. What turned that frown upside down, you ask? This my friends is what happens when you ask Mateo if he wants to go on a slide. yay sliiiiide! We were on our way to a playground. Gets him every time. That or a pile of sand. Or a stick.


This photo is an example of rolling with it. Aki was actually making a weird look so {CHOP}, half his face was cropped out. ;) The focus is soft (it’s a bit blurry) and it was underexposed. I’m still learning all the technical stuff  so I get lots of photos like this. And you know what, we’re gonna remember this moment and I’m going to smile every time I see it. Just take photos. But maybe don’t be all annoying about it. ;)

On with the sorting and I’ll have more warm weather photos coming this way soon.


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